Strengthening your body through Pilates

Do you find that at the end of the working day you back, neck and shoulders start to ache? It could be that you need to have an Operator Chair for sitting correctly at your desk and to add in some movements to your day that can help to strengthen and stretch your body. As we sit for longer and longer periods of time at our desks it becomes even more important that we take regular breaks to stretch our back and necks and to also undertake some stretches and strengthening exercises at the end of the day to release the tension and stress that has built up in our bodies.

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Pilates is a great way to do this.  It is a lower impact exercise so it is great for those who are looking to start a healthier fitness regime as well as those in older age. But, anyone can benefit from the exercise. It can help to improve your posture which can be one of the issues that cause problems with your back, neck and shoulder areas. Particular if you have poor posture whilst sitting at a desk to work. It also helps with balance, the mobility of  your joints and increasing your muscle tone which leads to an increase in your overall body strength. Pilates is also a great way to relieve stress and tension both in the body and the stress and tension that we experience mentally each day.

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There are many online Pilates instructors available as well as in person classes so take a look at how pilates could help you.