Stress Free Walk-In Chillers

Are you hosting or staging one of these events soon?

  • Domestic parties.
  • Professional parties.
  • Valentine’s Day events.
  • Easter shows and events.
  • Amateur dramatic productions.
  • Sports events.
  • School Fetes.
  • Music festivals.
  • Country shows.
  • Outdoor theatre.
  • Any other catered event.

You’ve organised the entertainment? The guest list? The clothing or costumes? Excellent. Now, what have you planned regarding catering?

Normally, when you host an event your venue’s refrigeration facilities won’t hold the quantity of food and drinks that you’ll need. You have two options:

  • Don’t cater, don’t even offer tea or coffee. There’s no room to store the milk.
  • Do cater, with a smile on your face and the full confidence that comes with professional walk-in chiller facilities.

When the existing fridge can’t take the strain look to refrigeration rental or cold room hire.

Cold rooms are intended for interior use. They are assembled on site, are immovable during the hire period and are set up ready for you to use with minimum disruption.

Walk-in chillers have wheels so they can be moved and they can be situated indoors or outside, normally outside. Again, the hire firm will set up the facilities ready for use.

There are no fuel costs or travel time for you which is a huge relief when you’re trying to achieve five jobs at the same time.

Highly esteemed firms like Icecool Trailers in Newbury offer refrigeration rental and freezer hire in Berkshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, London, South Wales and the Midlands. They also provide emergency facilities, should anything happen to on site fridges or freezers, in case your day to day facilities malfunction.

Whether your event lasts for one day, a part week, ten days or for several months, please plan and organise your refrigeration rental.

You’ll need to consider the amount of stock that you hope to hold and the experts will be able to advise you.

Fridge trailer hire units meet legislation for hygiene and maintenance and the firm that you work with should be a market leader who offers competitive pricing.

A simple online check of reviews will show you who to trust with refrigeration rental provision.

Clients are prone to inconveniently forget or try to make the fee less by only taking walk-in chiller hire for the duration of the event itself but you’ll need preparation and clearing up time too.

The few pounds you save by having a shorter hire period might just raise your stress levels beyond endurance, don’t do that to yourself.

As the walk-in chillers, can be worked in you should take full advantage of preparation opportunities.

Facilities are lockable and are insured but the stock you place in them isn’t so you’ll need to take out separate cover for your goods.

For further advice please contact a refrigeration rental firm, they’ll make the hire process easy and pleasant.

That’s sorted out the refrigeration, now for the guest list and a million other pre-event tasks. Good luck.