How to Switch To Your Choice of Video Format as Per The Compatibility Of Your Videos?

There are numerous options available in the market when it comes to getting a video convertor. A video can be played in a number of different formats depending upon its type. The choice and type of format depends completely upon the requirement of the user and the file type that you are working with. There are certain files that are not compatible with all the operating systems. Also there are certain files that are compatible with only a single operating system. The variety of operating systems includes windows, Linux, MAC etc. Mp4 is the most widely used formats of all times-

As we talk about Mp4, the format is said to be an industry standard having support from a large number of operating systems other than Apple. It is widely used and has become popular in the recent times. It has always proved to be a good option in terms of playing videos on devices other than apple. The format supports multiple data bits and is now supported in Apple QuickTime 6 and later versions too. Mp4 is said to enhance resolution, making use of the latest codec. It shows you the videos in a high resolution quality format. Storage of data in files is quite easy and flexible. The video output is of a very high quality although they might be prone to corruption.

As the popularity of Mp4 is increasing, people are shifting to it for better use. But mp4 can cause problems if you have to use a DVD player, as it is not compatible with all the MPEG-4 formats. In order to fix this problem, there are softwares that convert the MP4 files to AVI format and vice versa. The Movavi video convertor is one of those with a high speed of conversion and batch processing files of all sizes. You can easily edit and convert the files using the convertor. The AVI format also known as the audio video interleaved is an alternate option if you wish to use your DVD player. The AVI files contain both video and audio data that is apt for playing the audio and video data. The files can be easily viewed as it is compatible with all the MPEG-4 formats. This makes it easier for the user to use their DVD players to get something productive out of it. You can play any desired video without any difficulty. These convertors are safe to use and will not harm your system in any way.

Both the AVI and MP4 formats are suitable for watching videos the only difference being that the MP4 is not compatible with all MPEG-4 files but AVI is.          You can use the Movavi video convertor and transfer all the files to and from the choice format whenever you want. The convertor makes it easier to function as the user can flexibly switch to the choice formats whichever suits them according to the video file. You can also convert the video files to audio using the MP3 convertor.