The Benefits of Using a Luer Lock Syringe

Did you know that medical syringes are a billion dollar industry? With a predicted market value of 11.19 billion dollars by 2026 fueled by the pandemic, this industry has continued to grow quickly.

With millions of disposable syringes used per year, you want to make sure that the syringes you use are safe and provide the best for health outcomes for patients. Two syringe types that are commonly used are luer lock and luer slip.

Luer lock syringes are an essential disposable syringe that you should always carry in your medical facility. But what are luer lock syringes, and why do you need them? Find out more here:

What is a Luer Lock Syringe? 

Luer lock syringes are a necessity for any medical office. These disposable syringes possess features that will ensure patient safety during their treatment process.

Luer lock syringes have special safety features. With luer locks, the needle actually has to be screwed onto the syringe, as opposed to just being fastened with pressure. In other words, the needle can be “locked” into place, making this disposable syringe stand out from others.

The twist-on tip provides two key safety features for this syringe. First, the screw-on tip allows for an airtight seal between the needle and the syringe. This stops fluid from escaping from the syringe, preventing any contamination or loss of liquid.

Second, the screw-on tip allows the needle to lock into place. This prevents the needle from slipping off mid-procedure, allowing for a simple and safe treatment process. This also helps to prevent needle injuries for both medical providers and patients.

Luer lock syringes are also the safest option when it comes to transferring fluid from one syringe to another, or for mixing two fluids. Using a luer lock adapter, liquids can be transferred from one syringe to another without worrying about leaks.

If you’re interested in seeing what luer lock syringes look like, or purchasing some yourself, click here.

Luer Lock vs. Luer Slip: What’s the Difference? 

Both luer lock syringes and luer slip syringes have their purpose in the medical field.

When using luer slip syringes, the needle is pushed onto the syringe. This provides a secure connection as well, but does not lock the needle into place in the same fashion as a luer lock disposable syringe.

Using luer slip syringes can be very useful in the medical field, especially in a busy medical setting where you need to move fast. Needles can be quickly connected and removed without having to twist them on or off. However, because the needle can slip off more easily than with a luer lock syringe, luer slip syringes are more commonly used for drawing up solutions in bulk.

Luer slip syringes are also helpful when there is low pressure involved. When a lot of pressure must be put on the plunger of a syringe, the chances of a needle popping off increases. In cases of high pressure, a luer lock syringe is the safest choice.

Stock Up on Luer Lock Syringes

Carrying disposable syringes with a luer lock tip is essential for any medical facility or hospital. These syringes provide a safe, airtight way to inject, allowing for a seamless treatment process.

Interested in guaranteeing safety to your patients and medical facility staff? Stock up on luer lock syringes as soon as possible.