The best of Telugu Love horror online movies

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Jessie film is released in Telugu in 2019 with high expectations. The film was a psychological thriller film done by famous actors. The film was directed by Ashwant kumar and music scored by sricharan pakala. The story revolves around the professional ghost hunters who visit a haunted house for searching two sisters who were missing for a long time. The technical aspects of the film were hair raising sand purely genuine. The film has reached the audience on all issues, and so it had a good run at the box office. The people who love cinematography would not miss the movie and worth to watch

Shiva Ganga is a thriller Telugu film perfectly matching the expectations of ghost lovers. The film had a decent run at the box office with a piece of great music. The film had been involving many twists in the story and has reached to an extent. Srikanth and Rai Laxmi have done very well and met the expectations of the customers. The film director vadivudiayan has made the film to cope with the interest of the customers, especially thrill loving audiences. Experienced actors played a vital role in the movie, thereby making this film watchable. These Telugu films have well some good response among young audiences.

Prema katha chithram is a Telugu horror comedy film released in 2013. The film was directed by Prabhakar reddy and J.B. scored the music The cinema was opened in many theaters of then Andhra Pradesh with excellent reviews of the customers. The budget of the film is so low, but the collection was so great. The film is entertaining and had good songs to cope with the expectations of music lovers. The film was produced and written by Maruthi Desari. This film was remade in Tamil and Kannada languages.