The Best Places to Stay in Cairo, Egypt

A trip without having a night stay in Cairo can never be considered complete. Cairo is a large city in Egypt with several attractive tourists neighborhood. But, the city is best enjoyed if you actually stay there.

Many luxurious yet affordable hotels line up across the Nile River and throughout the Cairo city. The city offers many best places which ensure clean RV Toilet and all other essential amenities.

For your convenience, we have listed down some exclusive yet affordable hotels in the area. Have a look:

1- Giza, a place to start early Pyramid tour in Cairo

If you want to explore your early morning Pyramid show or want to witness the smog permitting in the mornings, then never miss a chance to stay at Giza. It is not a proper part of Cairo but a village near the Nile riverside.

The place is surrounded by the Sphinx, Cairo University, and the Great Pyramid.

2- Downtown

Downtown is close to Tahrir Square, the location near Egyptian Museum. The Downtown is a city of heavy traffic, banks, travel agents, and shops, which helps tourists to reach the famous places of Egypt with minimum distance. It’s a convenient place to stay in Downtown with easy to access Railway station.

The most affordable yet best hotels found here are Paris Hotel, Let Me Inn, Sara Inn Hostel, and Osiris Hotel. The city also houses some iconic hotels with rich history such as Victoria Hotel, Windsor Hotel, Garden City House, and the Pension Roma.

3- Mohandeseen

Mohandeseen is the modern suburb of Cairo, built back in the 60s century by Sadat. It was made to give professional classes to the city students. It is situated in the middle Egypt surrounded by the qualified restaurants and cafes. It displays middle range hotels for all customers. It’s comparatively less hectic than other city parts. And it is situated in the midway of the central Cairo and Pyramids.

4- Zamalek

Zamalek is a famous residential district located on an island near River Nile. The attractive place offers a large area to stay for the international students and customers. It’s a high-class residential area near Gezirah. It offers a more peaceful area to stay compared to other parts of Cairo. It is comparatively less populated and noisy. Plus, it offers great places to eat and drink for an affordable pricing.

5- Heliopolis

The Cairo Airport is very close to Heliopolis district. One could directly make a way to the district’s hotels. For example, one could consider The Meridien and The Karvin Hotel for a comfortable stay.

Point to be noted: Please do not consider that metro lines will be available everywhere in Cairo. It has only two subway lines and one of which head towards Pyramids. Whereas, the 3rd line is still under construction and will lead to Cairo Airport, Mohandeseen, and Heliopolis.