The Commute To Work: Will Carpooling Leave Me Less Stressed?

Stressed Or Stress-Free?  Either Way You’ve Got to Get There!

For responsible adults who work outside of the home commuting to work is a way of life. When a great opportunity presents itself, many people will make the necessary adjustments in order to be able to capitalize on it. Many times, that may mean a hefty commute to and from the place of employ.

How you commute is a choice that is based upon several factors:

  • the distance to work
  • how much the public transportation fare is
  • how much you love to drive

At Ford Mooresville – We Love to Explore the Third Factor

Get it – Explore – an Explorer…why not get to work in a beautiful, well-appointed Ford Explorer? For those of you who love to drive, a private commute may be the best option. Destressing after work is better accommodated in your own vehicle as opposed to the commuter railroad. Private commuting affords you quality time with yourself.

For those of you who complain about the effects of automobile pollution to the environment, please consider carpooling as an alternative. Becoming part of a carpooling party of commuters is a fantastic way to enjoy all of the perks of driving your own car while sharing some of the burden.  You wouldn’t know it by the traffic that you see on the highways but the number of commuters who utilize the carpooling option has been lagging somewhat recently. It is something that is highly encouraged by the government because it significantly reduces gas emissions due to the decrease in cars on the road.

If There Are Less People Carpooling – Why the Increase in Traffic?

Despite government sponsored incentives like the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, and the park and ride program; commuters are driving in to work solo. Carpooling doesn’t succeed as much as it should due to the lack of an attitude of shared responsibility among citizens. Today people don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices to carpool successfully:

  • Alerting your fellow carpoolers as soon as possible if an emergency arises and you cannot drive in
  • Making certain you are on time to the designated pick up location
  • Establishing rules of conduct concerning the carpool arrangement and initiating fines and/or penalties for infractions.

Carpooling in a Ford Mooresville automobile is a great way to keep your commute semi-private and also contribute to a greener earth. However sometimes your work schedule does not translate well to a carpooling opportunity. If you must commute privately consider purchasing a fuel-efficienthybrid, alternative fuel vehicle or an electric vehicle. The way we commute is as individual as we are. It is important to be responsible in your commuting choice. You will enjoy the ride more when you know you are conserving environmental resources at the same time.