The Complete Guide of Essential Tips for Travelling on Ferries With Children

If it’s your very first time taking your children on the ferry or your just looking for a few helpful hints, here are some great tips for keeping your little ones busy on the journey.

Boarding the Ferry

– Settle the kids down to wait in the comfort of your own car

Trying to keep an eye on the kids for hours while waiting to board the ferry, you can remain in the car lanes in the comfort and security of your car. Bring tons of things to keep your little ones occupied, and this should help make the time go by much more peacefully. Tablets, movies, and favourite toys will help the time pass quickly, and you know that they are safe and comfortable in your car. Meanwhile, you can always go over to the terminal building and give your legs a good stretch.

Eating on Board

– Lots of choices

There’s so much to choose from that you shouldn’t have a problem pleasing your fussy little eaters. Most self-service restaurants are situated beside the kid’s soft play area so try to grab a table close by so that your children can play when they’ve finished their meal — and you can finish yours in peace. You’ll also find microwaves where you can heat up baby food so that all the family can enjoy their meal together.


– Book a cabin and have some more room

It can get a bit chaotic on busy summer crossings so you might want to grab a day cabin or two (depending on how big your family is). Little ones can take a nap if they need to and you can have a rest. Most ferry seats are UES Int fast ferry seats and are premium quality, built with additional comfort and cushion! The kids can curl up with a book or a game, and you can take this time to relax.

– Grab a cabin with no window and have a lie-down

This is great especially, if you’re on a long crossing. If you end up with an inside cabin with no windows, then your little ones may sleep a little bit longer without the sunlight disturbing their sleep.

Onboard Entertainment

– Make the most of the onboard facilities

Most ferry boats have an area for teenagers usually an arcade room; they usually have a soft play area for younger children too — an excellent opportunity for them to get off of their smartphones and tablets. Or if you just want a few hours of peace and quiet while they’re busy being entertained, you can always check out the onboard cinema films.