The Future of Men’s Fashion

Fashion has a history of repeating itself, and with this in mind, styles worn in the nineties could well be making a comeback.

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Noticeable trends which have made the biggest impact this decade include suits being worn with polo shirts and t-shirts, along with casual shoes and fashion trainers. Ripped and skinny-fit jeans are also sure to remain memorable.

The Older Man

The days of older men living in slippers and corduroys are long gone, and men have now adopted a more distinguished look. It is thought men will continue to develop their own unique style long into their retirement years, as looking fashionable and trendy shouldn’t be restricted to the young. Now is the time for men to wear the clothes and colours they were too shy to wear when they were younger.

Tracksuits and Leather

Unless branded, it is thought tracksuits will not be worn other than for sport. However, leather jackets will continue to be seen as an essential item in any modern man’s wardrobe.

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Vicuna is an extremely fine wool from the vicuna animal, which can be found in South America. It currently has an exclusive price tag, but demand could see an increase in the vicuna available and subsequently make it more affordable.

Tailored Clothing

It is thought elegant and distinctive clothing will become more and more sought after but worn with traditional stylish items such as Farah shirts from

Crease-Free Fabric

Fabric which is comfortable, breathable, crease-free, waterproof and eco-friendly is a tall order, but for the designer that creates it, it could be very lucrative.


The gender debate has been hitting the headlines this year more than ever, and it is thought that men will be wearing skirts and dresses and actively encouraged to do so in the not too distant future. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre production of The Boy in the Dress, written by comedian David Walliams, opened recently to rave reviews.

Socks and Spacesuits

Socks and sandals are still ridiculed by many, but look at any celebrity this summer and you will see socks and sliders being worn together. The rest of the population just need to catch up. Spacesuits can look cool, but only on astronauts, and despite attempts by designers to recreate the look, demand is not expected any time soon.