The philanthropic organisations Alex Mendieta runs

Alex Mendieta, an entrepreneur in his own right, built his business from the bottom up. As far as he is aware, not everyone can be as successful as he is. Since he began his career with such little, this fact has been etched in his consciousness. This is where Alex’s charitable efforts have always been centred since he wants his gifts to make an influence on the lives of the people who live in these locations. Those who are professionals in a wide range of fields have benefited greatly because of his efforts.

Alex’s lifelong goal was to be a driving force for constructive social change in the hopes of improving the world

As he had grown up in Colombia, he was acutely aware of how the country’s economic disparity had widened over time. It was clearer and more persuasive when this hypothesis was tested in reality than it would have been in any other context. Designed by a well-known local businessman, it was intended to encourage the expansion of the nearby neighbourhoods. This was a decision he made on his own. Second, it surprised him much that most people he saw were pleased with their lives and had no desire to alter anything about it.

  • A realisation came to him after reading this: There was nothing new to learn about this circumstance, and he already knew it. Alex promised the Colombian people and the rest of the world that he would bring about this kind of transformation. It was his word that he wouldn’t violate his promise and would finish the job. He was right. It is clear to him that accomplishing any of his other goals would involve an enormous amount of time and work. Since then, he has concentrated nearly solely on collecting fortune.
  • In order to help people most in need, he’s been able to amass a sizable sum of money. In order to be successful, he had to concentrate on the task at hand, put in the necessary amount of effort, and keep his eye on the final goal. About $2 million has been donated to various charitable groups by Alex Mendieta since he started donating a little more than one year ago, including cash and products. Alex will provide an extra $2 million over the course of the following year.

Even though he hasn’t yet made a single dollar, his total contribution is now close to $4 million. There is no disputing that he is unhappy, even if that’s the reality. If he is sincere about helping as many people as possible, he must be aware of organisations that carry out enormous acts of kindness for those who are less fortunate. The first thing he must do in order to maximise his current financial situation is take this action. People who are already part of a civilization’s culture are most likely to make important contributions to its culture, according to Alex.

Alex’s Belief

Alex believes that everyone can make a difference in the world by donating to charity causes and organisations, regardless of their financial situation. Regardless of who these organisations may be, Alex’s decision to give to them was reached after much thought and consideration. Consequently, they will be in a better position to help their neighbours and the people in their area.