The Reason for Engraving Your Ring

What to engrave in wedding rings? Married alliances symbolize the commitment enshrined during the wedding. Being an accessory for daily use, couples engrave inside them love phrases, their names or significant dates. Looking for the jewels that will make you shine? Experts help you with accessories for your look with the Emerald Moissanite Rings.

Focus in life

The ring finger is the one chosen to wear that ring so precious by the spouses. That ring that, during the ceremony, will be the seal of commitment and love that they will promise each other and that they will remember on a daily basis when they see their wedding ring. Due to that degree of symbolism that they have, many future spouses decide to engrave words with great significance inside them, such as their names, nicknames and even small phrases. Do you want to know some options for inspiration?

Days that are not forgotten

Few dates will be as important in your life as your wedding. Therefore, and taking into account what is already a classic in many couples, an alternative to record in the alliances is the date of their marriage. It can be placed only with numbers or, to make it more original, with letters. If you want to add a more romantic touch, you can also include the date of the day you met, that day when you still did not imagine everything that would come next.

The name of love

Couples who love intimate details will love this idea: engrave the name of their loved one on the wedding ring, so that each one always has a part of the other in mind. But if they are truly in love with the couple, they may be inclined to engrave their names, which sound so good when they say it. Every time you read them, you will remember the beautiful story that led you to make one of the riskiest but most beautiful decisions of your life. Playing for love is brave.

Only for connoisseurs

In the same vein as the previous option, but to make it even more personal, you can simply put the nickname that your partners have, or, better yet, that affectionate way of calling each other that only the two of you have . In that way, with such an everyday detail, but that is part of the way in which they were building that love, they will have an accessory that they will see daily and will remind them, even in bad times, how special that person is.

Phrases that waste love

If you like poetry or songs that talk about romance why not include it in your wedding rings? Of course, for a matter of space, the sentence should be short, although not for that, less representative of how you feel that love. If you prefer and as a way to further associate your wedding rings with the idea of ​​”two parts of a whole” you can engrave a phrase that begins in one ring and completes in the other.

If the idea of ​​being able to symbolize your love through some drawing, iconography or symbol seems more accurate, go ahead. This is ideal for those more creative and enigmatic couples, who will like to explain the meaning of the chosen drawing every time they ask. It is a simple way to solve the engraving of one of the most representative accessories of a wedding.

Emerald Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring – A Gilded Leaf

Follow your Dreams

Do not limit yourself when thinking about what to engrave on your alliances, because it is extremely personal and there are no recipes or finished formulas on what is correct to wear and what is not. Give free rein to your imagination, your feelings and the love that you want to see expressed in your wedding rings. Good luck in the election.

A ring is a much loved accessory that beautifies our image on every occasion. If you are looking for a butterfly ring that can give more strength to your look, we give you some tips so that you can guide yourself in choosing the perfect butterfly ring. But first, we are going to know a little about the components and types of rings. There is a wide range of products, which have different costs to satisfy any demand and personal taste.

Choose the Material

The material with which a ring is made can be gold (yellow, white, pink or red), silver or platinum. Yellow gold is traditionally chosen for wedding rings, although in recent years they have given rise to the white gold ring, although there is no shortage of those who opt for pink gold. Therefore, if you decide to buy a ring on an occasion other than marriage, it is something important.

A ring with diamonds or gemstones naturally has a higher value. The trilogy ring is a white gold ring with 3 precious stones, popularly used as an engagement ring. In addition to diamonds, the most commonly used stones are ruby, amethyst or topaz.

The moment you decide to buy a ring with butterflies, you have to evaluate its components and their value. Therefore, before the final purchase, the alternatives that exist must also be known. Rings that have a single wide block with a line of diamonds or covered with precious stones or Swarovski crystals are currently in fashion. In cheaper materials such as steel we can find several models with colors and shapes, such as butterfly-shaped rings.

The ideal time to wear a butterfly ring

The advantage of rings is that you can wear them both on a special occasion and in your everyday routine. The only thing you have to remember is that you should not overdo it; too much jewelry together can damage your outfit.

When evaluating which ring to buy, you should consider when you will wear it and with what outfit you should combine it. Rings, as well as earrings or necklaces, should be chosen carefully to match the garments properly. If you wear a black or dark garment, a ring with a gemstone or a ring of greater dimension will be perfect. If instead, the clothes are more showy, it is advisable to wear a simpler, modest ring. In an event like a wedding, if you go for a classic look, a value ring is the right choice.