Things to consider when choosing an online dementia care class

Dementia is a condition that affects the brain and its functions. Dementia can affect anyone, regardless of age and health. The symptoms of dementia vary from one person to another. People with dementia often cannot perform basic tasks such as washing themselves or making meals. This makes living alone difficult, especially if they have other ailments like diabetes or heart problems.

The good news is that there are many ways in which you can help someone with dementia who lives alone. One option is an online dementia care class where you can learn how to deal with someone with this condition. You should keep some things in mind when choosing your dementia care class online.

How is the class structured?

One of the most important things to consider before enrolling in a dementia care class online is how it’s structured. The best classes are designed to help you learn in a manner that makes sense for you and your situation.

While there are many different ways to structure a dementia care class, some features are more important than others when choosing which type of class is right for you. Look for:

  • A clear learning path
  • A flexible schedule
  • Variety in learning formats

How comprehensive is the material?

Once you have a better idea of the needs of your loved one and what kind of caregiving situation you’re looking to prepare for, take a close look at the training program. How comprehensive is it? Does it cover all the key areas you’ll need to know about, like how to help someone bathe and dress or handle behavior problems?

What are the instructor’s credentials?

When choosing an online dementia care course, it’s essential to consider the instructor’s credentials.

  • What is their experience in dementia care?
  • Do they have certifications or professional affiliations that demonstrate their qualifications?
  • Are they registered nurses (RN)?

If so, how long has the instructor been teaching online classes, and what technology do they use in their instruction practice?

Is there a guarantee?

When choosing an online dementia care class, look for one that offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. How long is the guarantee? Does it cover everything or just part of the cost? What is the refund process like, and how easy will it be to get a refund if necessary?

Some online classes have a 30-day return policy, but others offer a two-hour live webinar where they go over their course material with students who purchase before signing up for their first session. This might be well worth considering because it gives you more time than other courses to decide whether or not you want to complete them. It also allows instructors extra time when discussing any questions students may have about completing assignments or understanding concepts presented during lectures.

What do past students have to say about it?

Look for reviews that are detailed and specific. For example, if there’s a question about the class that you want to be answered, ask yourself if the review answers it. If it doesn’t answer your question or leaves out important information, this could indicate poor quality control for the company offering the course.

Look for reviews from students who took different levels or versions of your chosen course. Take note of whether these students complained about their experience with the course and any compliments they may have given about its content and instructors; both types of feedback can be helpful when deciding whether or not to enroll in this particular program.


This article has helped you understand how to choose an online dementia care class. It’s essential to do your research on potential instructors and courses so that you feel confident with your decision.