Things to expect when giving birth in the United States on a visitor visa

It is still lawful to deliver your baby in the United States, provided that childbirth was not the purpose for which you applied for your visa. Birth Citizenship is still guarded under the Constitution for all individuals irrespective of their nationality.

Things that you should know before giving birth in the US on a visitor visa

  • But the parents would not get any green card benefits for the child until he/she is twenty one years of age 
  • The baby is going to be a citizen because he/she was born on US soil
  • You should also find other ways to stay in the United States as it is not guaranteed that having your baby here offers you a permanent stay 

If you are living abroad, you might think about giving birth in the United States. After all, doing so involuntarily guarantees U.S. citizenship for your child, which is a great benefit in itself. Whether you are looking into birth tourism on a tourist visa or you just happen to be in the U.S. when your baby is due, you will have some more factors to consider.

One of the most important factors to consider when giving birth in the US on a visitor visa is the cost of childbirth. You can get around this by having proof of funds or sufficient insurance to cover the costs. But there are many other factors to consider.

  • Getting your prenatal care

Once you have determined that you are going to give birth in the United States, the primary step is to secure a doctor to offer prenatal care and arrange to deliver your baby. Prenatal care is essential to guaranteeing the health of your baby. 

  • How to manage costs?

Prenatal care and childbirth can be quite costly in the United States. But when you do not use any of the employer-based insurance programs that Native Americans use, you are entitled to negotiate a price directly with the doctor.

You will likely find that the prices for prenatal care and a safe hospital delivery are much more reasonably priced than you may expect.   

Benefits of the U.S. childbirth

Giving birth in the United States has numerous benefits for both you and your baby. The advantages to your baby of being born in America comprise the following:

  • Visa-free entry to 169 different countries
  • American citizenship and a Social Security number
  • Access to multiple credit resources after age 21
  • Grants while enrolling in major U.S. educational institutions
  • Voluntary military service (with adequate pay and benefits) 

But one thing you may ignore is that there are advantages for you, too. They comprise:

  • You can escape possibly hard circumstances in your homeland and experience more peace during your pregnancy, which is advantageous
  • Enhanced medical services than what are present in several countries
  • Excellent care during the childbirth procedure
  • You live in an ecologically favorable and clean environment with excellent infrastructure

By giving birth in the US on a visitor visa, your child will get automatic citizenship; it does not automatically give you citizenship as well. You will likely come to the attention of immigration officers, who want to know that you plan to return to your home country.

However, many people find that having an earlier visa application for U.S. citizenship in place is helpful if you intend to stay here.