Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Modern

Homeowners prefer updated, modern, and tech-driven bathroom designs. They invest time and money to achieve their desired bathroom look, making it more welcoming and inviting. 

Vanities like smart mirror also play a vital role in boosting your bathroom appearance. You can match your mirrors with your preferred bathroom design for a better atmosphere. Aside from aesthetics, bathroom mirrors can give an illusion of space, making your room look spacious. 

Regardless of your bathroom size, here are tips you can consider to make your bathroom look more modern and luxurious: 

Add a Freestanding Bathtub

You can opt for a freestanding tub if your bathroom lacks vibes and dramatic effects. It is an iconic feature you can use to make your space look lively and modernise. Because of its modern, artistic style, freestanding that allows you to set up a strong focal point for the bathroom.

A freestanding bathtub has different shapes, like oval, rectangle, or square. You can also customise and design it for corner placement. It is best to avoid pedestals, intricate curves and patterns, and clawfoot tubs if you want a modern bathroom design. 

Use Bathroom Mirrors 

When designing your space, it is necessary to set up bathroom mirrors and lighting. They will work well together to create a functional atmosphere, mostly when doing bathroom activities such as shaving or doing makeup. 

One of the best choices for your bathroom is the LED mirror. This is among the new high-tech mirror styles in the market that can provide a brighter and more sophisticated ambiance. If you want to go for a more standard mirror, you can also choose a frameless mirror with a unique geometric style for your space. 

Consider Your Bathroom Lighting

Proper bathroom lighting helps you perform your activities easily and conveniently. It is also vital to consider if you want to keep up with the modern bathroom trends. For your vanity area, placing sconce lighting on the wall above your mirror is advisable. If you plan to put it on the side, find a mirror 60%-70% the width of your bathroom vanity. 

Bar lighting is also a popular choice. You can mount it horizontally or vertically near your mirror. If you want warm lighting, you can invest in recessed ceiling lights.