Top 5 Picks of Fashionable Watches for Women

Wearing a wrist watch is beautiful tradition. Though we all have phones now a days but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t wear watch. There are so many points when it is easy to look at wrist watch than to take your phone out and having a look on illuminated screen. On the top, women watches add a sense of fashion to personality and is gorgeous accessory. Maybe it sounds strange to you that wrist watches speak just like your ring or necklace. Wearing watch makes you look sensible and add up a touch of glamour to you. Wearing watch at office job just perfectly shows how professional you are. But search for perfect watch is a bit tough as you’ll have to keep in minds your budget and quality of watch because girls never want to compromise on quality. We know how to make it easy for you so offers you Ontime coupon code to save money. Here are few of our best picks for you.

Michael Kors Watch:


Girls always wanted to get noticed because they like to live in glamour. So, if you also wanted to get noticed then this is best pick for you. This watch has a sparkle that surely catches everyone’s eye. It is purposely oversized, which makes it look lovely. It has dial window of mineral and case of stainless-steel. Isn’t it lovely?

ROSEFIELD Strap Watch:


It has minimal and streamlined design that gives it a modern look. It can pair up with anything from your wardrobe especially with loud outfits. It is made of stainless steel which looks like second skin & feels comfortable and beautiful on wrist. Adjustable sliding closure of clasp is unique and its two handed quartz movement.

Fossil Strap Watch:


If you love to be a tomboy then this pick is made perfectly for you because it gives a man watch like appearance. It is easy-to-read and has very cool buckle closure. It will be a nice experiment to buy this kind of watch within budget. Even provides you ontime coupon code that gives you discount so that you can make purchase within affordable price.

Michealkorsritz Watch:


This can be called as best looking watch. If you want to buy a watch that is in normal budget and looks really classy then this watch is just like an update from heaven for you. It has a sturdy build which makes it feel heavy and when you wear it you can feel something on your hand. Best is yet to come that it is water proof.

MVMT Strap Watch:


If you like lightweight things then this is perfect pick of day for you. It has a thin face and sleek design. It has fine mesh strap that is interlocked and make it very adjustable. You might have heard color options in clothes but this watch also has color options which make it cool. I am sure you’ll love to grab this piece of art on discounted price offered by ontime coupon code available at