Top 5 tips to keep your wardrobe organized

Just imagine when you open up your wardrobe, everything looks well organized and tidy. It’s packed with things you love and you can easily pick clothes or shoes or accessories. Sounds like you’re dreaming? The whole scene can be turned into reality if you make use of these cleaning tips.

Cleaning or arranging things in your wardrobe is a major task, while for some emotional as well. You might come across items that you’ve used a decade ago, reminding you of some sweet moments.

Here are some tried and tested wardrobe cleaning tips. Start your chore with confidence now.

Begin with big clear-out

One of the most thorough methods is to completely emptying your closet first.  You need to go through every piece in your closet and adding to ‘must-keep’, ‘customise’, ‘maybe’, ‘toss’, and ‘sell’ piles.  You should definitely try this way, as you never know you can find a missing gem in the whole process.

It’s worth investing your energy in taking all items from wardrobe, placing it in the right tab. Though you might think initially that it’s the utter waste of time, this comes as the ultimate time saver.

Flip your hangers

Have you witnessed which type of items is consuming space in your cupboard? Take a look at the hangers and see which clothes you wore recently. Turn over the hangers to further witness that you might not even have worn them more than twice. Flip the hangers (hooks backing the back) to get clarity of what items you use on regular basis. Wait for few weeks or months to determine how seasonally you use them, and discard unused items that are lying in the hanger for longer time.

Do those items bring joy to you?

Organize your closet with things, which bring you happiness. You should not keep every dress, just because you’ve spent money on it a decade ago. Do you still wear the shirt that you wore it on the first day of college? Does this bring you joy? If not, just sell it. You should be grateful to the stuffs or memories that bring meaning into your lives.

Why not sell it?

There are lot of ways to sell your used attires, from online stores to consignment shops. Find the method that works you the best and earn some extra money to buy something new!  Just because it might not fit you anymore, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t wear or like it. It’s the best way to make a little extra cash with your unwanted bits.

Organize by colour

With messed up arrangement, you always get tired finding a dress of your colour choice when you need them the most. Colour coding your wardrobe not only motivates you to keep the closet nice, but also helps in eliminating duplicates. It also saves your time in the morning when you’re in the hurry to get dressed up.

When you’ve the good looking wardrobes, why make it look dull or messy with your closet arrangement? With these cleaning ideas, get your closet organized in no time.