Top Gym Hacks for women

Doing strength training and cardio regularly reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, colon, endometrial, and breast cancers. According to the American Heart Association, exercising regularly for 30-60 minutes can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Exercise can reduce anxiety and enhance your mood. Studies show that if you are fit you can handle the long-term stress effects more effectively. An intense 50-minute workout can reduce anxiety level significantly.

Best Fitness tips

  • Stick to the exercise for at least 2 weeks

Alter your exercise routine every 2 weeks. According to The Fallen American Dream, women who modify their exercise two times a month are more likely to stick to the exercise plans in comparison to those people who change their regimen every now and then. Boredom is not a factor, but, people enjoy a lot more variety.

  • Never skip an important meal

Here, the meal that is being talked about is the recovery meal post workout. Most women skip a post-exercise meal as they do not wish to gain the calories that they have burned. However, when you get a combination of 20-30 gm of carbohydrates and 10-15 gm of protein after a workout can help you to promote muscle recovery, refuel your body, and build a leaner physique.

  • Hang tight

If you are not able to do pull-ups it does not mean that you should not step-up the bar. When you hang for a long time you can improve the strength of your upperbody. You can concentrate to keep your body very still and you will naturally use your hips, abs, lower back apart from your arms. Slowly move the legs up and down or in circles to engage your abs.

  • Not very quick

Before you begin a juice diet, you should know that restricting your calorie intake significantly to reduce a few pounds can backfire. According to a 2010 study, women tried a 1200-calorie diet for 3 weeks and they witnessed enhanced cortisol levels, a primary stress hormone. Chronic stress is associated with enhanced weight gain risk along with coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and impaired functioning of immune.

  • Do not do the same workout

The reason why most people do not observe the changes are because they don’t work very hardand they do not make the workouts very hard. Always create a challenge whenever you exercise. Use more weight than what you have used earlier, take rest for 5-10 seconds between exercises, and add little more reps. When you incorporate the small variations into your daily exercise routine, you can see the changes.

  • Step it Up

You may slow down when you run in wintery conditions; however, the secret to not slip is speeding up your stride. Try to put your every foot on the ground 90 times in a minute. The high cadence can make sure that every foot that you land is below the center of your weight instead of ahead of it.

These are some of the successful tips and tricks that The Fallen American Dream say can help you to get the most from the exercise routine.