Top pros and Cons of Buying second hand Toyota innova from Craigslist

If you are looking for a good used car to purchase, you should definitely put your eye on Few Craigslist sites. This classified website is the home of a variety of used cars and you are most likely to find your desired car. However, here are some Pros and Cons you should keep in mind if it’s your first time shopping for second hand toyota innova at Craigslist:

The Pros of Using Craigslist to Buy a Car

1) There is a huge variety of vehicles like motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, etc and you can find your desired model with ease. There is a good variety and assortment of classic cars for those with an eye for it.

2) You can find the same car listed at different prices from different sellers because on Craigslist, the sellers themselves price the car according to their convenience. While some use the Kelley Blue Book to list their car at the correct price, others price the car lower in case of urgent need of money or higher to earn a great deal.

3) You can save your time and energy because you can browse for the cars from your home. A lot of people have to visit used car dealerships or read classifieds in the newspaper. Since pictures are not available in classifieds, you have to travel to check if your desired car is in good shape. On Craigslist, the sellers include snaps of their car so that you get a rough idea of in which condition the car is.

The Cons of Using Craigslist to Buy a Car

1) A lot of sellers are untruthful and often themselves aren’t familiar with their car. They fail to notice any faulty parts or even if they do, they may hide it from you. The best thing to do for ensuring a right buy is to ask a lot of questions. Also, do not buy the car unless you have seen it in person, have it checked by your mechanic and taken it for a test drive.

2) Right on the Craigslist website, you will be warned of Car Shipping scams where even after the payment, the car doesn’t show up. It is advisable that you arrange for purchasing your car by traveling yourself to not fall in any trap.