Toronto Is A Foodies Paradise Don’t Miss It!

Once Toronto was known to be a morality centre bordering saintliness. Today, it has turned into a rival to most popular cosmopolitan urban regions in terms of art, culture, culinary delights, and nightlife.

Food scene has developed

Downtown has been currently revitalized and you will see coffee shops, eateries, art galleries, and vintage stores instead of drug-ridden hubs or gangster spots.

In Toronto there are over 140 languages spoken, so you get a huge level of diversity in ethnic cuisine. In addition, there are popular chefs like Carolyn Reid, John Horne, Anthony Walsh, and Coulson Armstrong serving in top restaurants. So, food lovers find this appealing as it creates endless food tasting options.

You can even find abundant of hipster joints serving artisanal cocktails and changing menus, mom & pops shops for upscale dining experience, and an increasing food truck culture. To pamper your taste bud with cultural inspired dishes, you can join Toronto food tours. Local guide will accompany your group and share Canadian cuisine and cultural history.

Canadian dishes to try –

  • Poutine
  • Bannock
  • Butter tart
  • Bagels
  • Seafood
  • Saskatoon berry pie
  • Beavertails
  • Split pea soup

Other attractions in Toronto

Besides fusion cuisine, you can take pleasure in love country music. City demonstrates no shortage of entertainment and cultural offerings. There is the opera & ballet and live theatre for art lovers. Shoppers can shop for top brands like Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Channel and more on Mink Mile.

Queen Street West offers lively shopping experience. For luxury goods ranging from fashion to kitchen Bayview Village Shopping Centre is the spot.

If you are lucky, then visit during TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival where A-list celebrities come bringing with them glamor every September. There are Screenings and parties. TIFF fest is not just an annual event because now you can enjoy movies, art exhibits, talks and events at TIFF Bell Lightbox all year round.