Transform your ordinary guitar performance into the extraordinary

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is something that every musician wants to achieve.  Becoming the best in their field and inspiring others is an attainable goal and it needn’t cost the earth.

Employing the services of a competent guitar teacher will enhance your guitar playing abilities immeasurably. There are numerous guitar teachers available such as Tom Hess, however, the quality of these teachers can vary dramatically.  Choose carefully, check the reputations of potential teachers by reference to forums and testimonials to ensure you employ an effective tutor with proven teaching strategies who will be able to impart their extensive skills set to you.  Only by adopting high level guitar skills will you be able to employ them to effect within your music.

Don’t try to go it alone, interact with, learn from, talk to, practice and hang around with other guitarists and guitar enthusiasts.  This way you will be able to pick up a wealth of tips and techniques from a variety of musicians that you can then incorporate into your musical repartee. By exposing yourself to the new, innovative experiences offered by other musicians this could transform your guitar playing abilities.  Finding people to play music with who are better than yourself is also productive, as it stops you stagnating and improves your chances of musically progressing.

Having the right equipment is essential, choosing an expensive instrument that potentially plunges you into debt is not necessarily beneficial.  Picking the most suitable instrument is far more crucial.  In order to do this, you need to expend a great deal of time trawling a range of music stores and trying a variety of instruments. Make a note of those you prefer, short list them and return to narrow down your choices. Time and care during this process will prove valuable in the long term.

As a dedicated, committed, passionate, goal driven musician playing the genre of music you prefer rather than having a style of music imposed on you will also have a beneficial effect on the quality of your performance.  Dare to be different if that is what drives your creativity, to compromise is likely to stifle your style and result in a substandard performance rather than transform it.

There are an extensive range of helpful resources that could accentuate your musical strengths and help eradicate weaknesses in your techniques, these include general music books, videos and internet forums.  Access to informative instructional articles and instructional videos should also result in an improvement to your techniques and performances.

Being able to diversify could also enhance your stance and position within the musical community, such as practicing songwriting or writing your own music.  If you are able to diversify it will improve your ability to become a gigging musician. Teaching others what you have learnt will also help develop your own skills and techniques as well as imparting your knowledge to the next generation of guitar players.

Enhancing, improving and innovating your musical talents is within your grasp.