Treating your favourite customers

Customers that have purchased a lot from you and spend a lot of money with your brand are the people you want to keep sweet. They have shown that they are willing to spend money with you so with the correct treatment it is possible to get a lot more from them. If they feel special and feel like they are an invaluable client they are less likely to abandon that relationship to go with a different supplier. Not to forget that customers that have ordered with you so many times leave the best reviews as well. What can you do to ensure your best customers are always loyal to you and are always happy to buy more with you? Below we are going to discuss a few ideas that you can try to keep you customers happy:


Everybody loves getting a discount. Saving the extra money is great as it increases the value for money and means you will be happier with your purchase. If a customer receives a discount code for a certain amount off their next order as a reward for their loyalty, they will not only be happy with the benefit they have received and that they have been rewarded and appreciated but they are likely to come to you instead of a competitor in order to get the discount.

Free products/service

What’s better than a discount in the eyes of a customer? Getting something for free! Used by a lot of businesses in the form of loyalty rewards, giving your customer a free product or service once they have purchased from you so many times is a great way to make them feel appreciated. It shows them how much their patronage means to them and shows that it pays for them to go with you over anyone else.

Corporate gifts

Working in a similar fashion to offering a free product or service to you client, delivering a free promotional item is also a great way to keep them sweet. For example, if they receive one of your customised mugs in their office or at home, they will be happy with the free gift that they will use to make tea and coffee thus creating a great image of your brand in their mind. Not only that but the print will constantly be advertising your brand on a regular basis whenever your mug is used by your customer and their friends, family and colleagues!

Make exceptions

Ensuring your favourite customers are happy with your company, service and products is highest priority if you want them to purchase more with you in the future. That’s why you should always make special arrangements for them to get as close to what they want as you can. For example, if they have made a mistake while purchasing or want something slightly different, you should try to adhere to their stipulations as much as you can. Ensure that they know that you are only doing this special for them and they will greatly appreciate your, your company and your service even more.

Do unexpected things

Some creativity may be required for this one. Surprising your customer with something that is personalised to them is a great way to treat them as they will feel very special and valued in your business. If they feel this way they will feel an obligation to your brand or will like the attention they receive from you and keep purchasing to get more. Some ideas could be contacting them on their birthday to give them something special or writing a thank you note in their parcel for them. Even if it is something small, they will appreciate the gesture and will lead to them having an increased appreciation of your brand.