Vehicles that are used in Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

A Lot of companies are operating safaris in the desert of Dubai. There are different types of adventures that you can enjoy in desert safari Dubai just like Jeep Safari Dubai and the types of vehicles used in such adventures are:

  • Quad Bike
  • Hummer
  • Jeep 
  • Land Rover
  • Dune Buggy 
  • Land Cruiser

During your safari tour, each of these vehicles is used for its own purpose. People tend to prefer jeep safari Dubai for dune bashing as it’s the most popular in Desert safari Dubai. If you want a self-drive safari then you can use the Quad Bike or either buggy for your travel in the desert. Whereas on the other hand jeep safari requires a proper licensed driver or captain. 

Dubai as the Tourist Hub

If you’re visiting Dubai just for the sake of doing shopping and roaming around in the huge malls to eat and shop then you are thinking it the wrong way. You should enhance your social experience and enjoy the beauty of nature if you are visiting one of the world’s most beautiful places. So, you should go for a desert safari experience.

If you’ll explore Dubai this way you’ll get to know what Dubai was in reality before it turned into the world’s most popular city. Before these skyscraper malls were built there was only sand all over in Dubai. 

If you don’t want to miss the thrilling and exciting Dubai nightlife you can avail yourself of overnight desert camping in Dubai. Whereas if you are fond of morning safari then you can avail the Morning desert adventure in Dubai. 

You can also choose the Combo visits that will help you enjoy different experiences in the Desert Safari Dubai. This will be your cost-effective plan to buy a combo and this will help you find more with the best pricing. 

So, Step back and enjoy the thrilling and exciting tour to a desert safari in Dubai. 

About Jeep Safari Dubai 

Most Desert safari’s use Hummer or Jeep as vehicles for Dune bashing experience. Instead, of using Quad Bike or dune buggy safari.  The difference you’ll feel is Jeep safari Dubai and hummer are driven by licensed drivers whereas for the rest of the vehicles you can drive your own. 

Usually, Jeep tires are deflated in order to lose pressure for the dune bashing experience. 

Types of Safaris in Dubai 

In case your evenings are stacked up with shopping dates or in case you don’t wish to miss the acclaimed Dubai nightlife, you can by and large settle on a morning desert safari. 

On the other hand, if the chance of getting up instantly at the start of the day doesn’t address you,  then you can pursue for any other evening safari adventure if possible.

Also, the different combo visits that join different exercised and attractions with desert safari. You will observe that choosing a combo plan will help you save both the time and money. 

Here are some of the types of desert safari that you can use jeep coasters:

Sunrise Safari in Dubai

This can be achieved via Hummer, jeep or either land cruiser. This trip includes:

  • Dune bashing experience
  • Hotel Pickups
  • Camel Ride
  • Sunrise in the sand dunes
  • Sandboarding
  • The hotel drop offs.
  • Water and soft drinks.

Morning Safari

Morning safari in Dubai is usually done using jeep safari or otherwise it may be done using land cruiser. 

If you want to get rid of the buzzing sound of the city you can join morning desert safari to freshen up your mind. Examine the desert and all that it is offering you with experiencing the exercise like henna painting, camel riding and sandboarding etc. 

At the End taste the delicious dishes to evaluate numerous neighborhood. 

 The trip covers up:

  • Dune bashing.
  • Off-road tour in the desert. 
  • Take photos of the desert.
  • Camel rides.
  • The hotel drops off and picks up
  • Sandboarding. 

Evening Safari

Once the climate will settle down in mid-evening you experience will start for evening safari. You can experience different exercises before going to end up in Bedouin camp. This is the camp where you will going to see the art work of Dubai. This safari ends up with delicious supper that is cooked in mainland styles. 

During your late safari tour that started in evening, you’ll have option to quad bike or either dune buggy before you actually starts the dune bashing for 40 minutes. In real the evening safari consists of alot of camping activities that pleases your mind. It also offer you:

  • 30-40 minutes dune bashing.
  • The hotel picks up.  
  • Traditional camp hospitality 
  • BBQ dinner and open buffet.
  • Sunset watch and photo taking
  • Enjoy traditional performances.
  • Drop off. 
  • Get a henna tattoo.
  • Get a photosession done with falcon in the Emirati outfit.