Water Is Life And Life Is Water

With the present water on Earth, there is only 1% is fresh and available to fulfill human demands for food, energy, and everyday life. Feeding an additional 2 billion people by 2050 will require a 15% increase in water withdrawals and the water needed to produce power is expected to increase by more than 85%.

To live a healthy and disease-free life, one has to maintain hygiene. And one among the most and primary consideration to be a healthy person is to drink Safe and pure water. Water is an essential constituent for a body, and up to 60% of the human body consists of water. From the sources, brain and heart together contain 73% of water, lungs contain 83% of water, the skin contains 64% of water, muscle and kidney include 79%, and even the bone contains 31% of water as water is an indispensable constituent of a body. And to determine the purity of water, one has to check it’s PH level.


The cause from where water gets polluted is a chemical waste, kitchen waste, plant waste, toxic waste, waste in rivers and ponds, etc.  The water from every source which has been running into the lines to the household and been used for the household activities and drinking purpose resulted in a number of diseases, which damage one’s health and sometimes death.


The effect of such polluted water is so deteriorated that it affects the mental stability, the health of a person,  increase in financial expenditure, and the stress. To cure such kind of problem, one needs to take precaution and measures for the same. In a recent survey, we have noted that about 5,000 children die each day due to preventable diarrheal diseases such as cholera and dysentery, which spread when people use contaminated water for drinking or cooking. Due to a lack of water for personal hygiene or daily routine leads to the spread of totally preventable diseases like trachoma, which has blinded some six million people.

Now, this is the reason where water purifier came into the picture: water purifier, a lifesaver.

The expression water purifier itself explains that it purifies the water and remove contaminants from it so that it gets pure enough for human consumption. A water purifier is a process where it transfers the dangerous contaminants and leaves some of the pollutants to reduce the risk of recontamination in the distribution system. It’s high time, stop using contaminated water and purchase water purifier for a home for the safe and healthy life of your family and you own. Feel safe to drink and use the water after the process of purification.

Water purifier and water filter work on the same mechanical principle. Some minerals naturally present in water which is good for health, but the work of water purifier is to remove the excess amount of those minerals present in the water such as microbes, excess salt and retain the essential vitamins and minerals in the water.

Where the development of the country is on the peak, it’s industrial development, water will be contaminated but to ensure pure water is the ultimate goal of water purifiers. The purifier will remove all the viruses and dangerous chemical from the contaminated and impure water. To purchase it at a minimum cost where e-commerce is one of the best sources, water purifier online should buy and save your money and life.

Types Of Water Purifier

Even natural spring water – considered safe for all practical purposes in the 1800s – must now be tested before determining what kind of treatment is needed. A simple procedure like boiling water or use of the household charcoal filter is not sufficient to make water pure enough for human consumption. It is necessary to have water purifier nowadays where not even air one breath, water one drink is free from pollutants.

At national and international level many measures have been taken to cure the problem arose from such pollution. And to take action at an individual level, it is of paramount consideration to use a water purifier. However, there are several purifiers one can use.

The water purifier is of basically six types, i.e., Active carbon filter, bios, and filter, reverse osmosis filter, ultraviolet filter, ceramic filter. The functioning and purpose of each screen are different, but the ultimate aim of all the purifier is to purify the water and pure enough for human consumption. But when it comes to buying a water purifier, consider the following essentials, i.e., whether you want it for drinking purpose or for the entire water system, to determine the brands available in the market and one can also compare the price and feature online,  filtering speed, such purifier is accredited by renowned institution or not.  After determining all the essential one can live a healthy and prosperous life.

 Life is water and water is life, it can only be achieved by water purifier, a lifesaver