Ways to eat like a local when in Prague

Prague, also known as ‘City of Thousand Spires’ is the capital city of Czech Republic. It is the 14th largest country in the European Union and has found fame in being the cultural hub of this part of the world. Most of the fascinating stories about food and culture are available in Prague and as a food tourist; these will definitely put your trip to the city in a new perspective. So, when you want your trip to Prague to be more than a tourist visit, try to eat like a local by booking Prague Food Tours.

Here is how you can make Prague food tour give you better understanding of the city’s cuisine:


  • Drink like a Czech:


Prague food tour has special place for beers in their itinerary. It is because Prague is one of the proudest consumers of beer in the world having uncountable varieties up their sleeves. So, you need to be above 18 years of age to hop on this crazy ride that gives you first hand introduction of the food and the various influences that have given the cuisine its present form.


  • Ask for Pho:


Prague has been home to Vietnamese migrants. Thus, you can find some of the most authentic Vietnamese dishes as part of Czech cuisine. Pho is one such dish that can help you trace back this connection. It is a kind of noodle soup with steaks, meats and broth and is served as street food in Prague.


  • Special place for fusion desserts:


When the foods like pastry and ice-cream combine, it gives rise to Czech dessert called Turtleneck. It is basically a doughnut ice-cream cone. Pastry part is called Tredlnik, Czech sweet bread topped with nuts, sugar and cinnamon.


  • Guláś:


This reminds of Hungarian Goulash but is thick than it. Made using beef stew and combination of vegetables, added flavor is provided to it by the bread dumplings.

So, your quest for flavors finds an ultimate destination at Prague. Go out with a local food and tour guide who knows the traditional eateries if you want to eat like a local at Prague. Food tour does provide this facility in a safe and organized manner.