What and Where to Eat in Ibiza

Historically, Ibiza is well-known for its night clubs and parties which have fetched global recognition for a long time. The majority of those who visited Ibiza wanted to taste the party culture there. However, this has changed over the years. The tourists started visiting this place for its gastronomic peculiarities. More tourists are going to Ibiza to have a taste of its culture and cuisine, as well as the great beaches, which add up to the main reasons why individuals look forward to visiting the beautiful island.

With that said, what and where can one eat in Ibiza? When you take a car rental at Ibiza airport after landing, your first gastronomic stop should be Bambuddha Ibiza, one of the most famous restaurants in the island. The restaurant gives its visitors a variety of meals to choose. Customers can settle for a dining area that is covered with bamboo or a private space at their veranda which offers a serene environment for a private atmosphere. It is also important to mention that the place has a fusion menu that stands out from the rest with a mix of Asian cuisines (MeditterAsian Cuisine‎).

There is also the Sa Capella restaurant which used to be a church before its renovation. The eatery is well recognized for its variety of delicious and satisfying dishes. Even though the restaurant has been able to cosset some of the old dishes with contemporary twists to match changing customer needs, there are still some meals that maintain their originality fifteen years after the inception of the restaurant. Also, the menu is altered a bit from winter to summer to match the customer needs based on the prevailing weather conditions and is composed of both Spanish as well as international cuisines. Customers can choose various meals which are still raw and have the pleasure experiencing the cooking of the meal right in front of their eyes. Some of these meals include succulent meat and fish. It is also important to mention that the restaurant has an excellent wine collection that is not only served with panache but also style.

The La Paloma is a must visit restaurant in Ibiza. Located in San Lorenzo which is considered as one of the sleeping villages of Ibiza that hides some of the best-kept secrets of the Island. If you are looking to a cherishable romantic night in Ibiza, then you found it. The charming spot as well as the orange grove where opens a beautiful view will spice up the lunch. The menu of the restaurant is composed of excellent delicacies with a blend of Italian and Israeli cuisines and some of the best locally sourced and prepared ingredients. Also, there is a spiced minced lamb, which served with hummus homemade freshly baked focaccia bread, famously known as hummus cordero. The dinner will not be complete without tasting the legendary salad which goes beyond the customer’s expectation. The salad is served with the addition of chicken and a blend of seeds and nuts.

The list of the best places to go and eat in Ibiza is endless. However, the ones mentioned above represent not only the most famous, but also the best places to visit on the island. Irrespective of whether you are visiting Ibiza for the beautiful beaches, the party culture or even their delicious meals, one thing that is for sure is that the visit to Ibiza and its cuisine will remain fresh in your memories for a long time.