What Are the Different Types of Dog Breeds That Exist Today?

Did you know that approximately 48,255,413 American households own a dog today?

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience. But finding the best dog breeds for your new pet can be a confusing process. 

If you’re planning on becoming a dog parent in 2022, we’ve put together this informative guide to help you find the right four-legged friend to join your family as an irreplaceable asset.

Read on to learn everything you need to about the different types of dog breeds that exist today. 

Sporting Dogs

Sporting dogs once existed to be a hunter’s companion, helping with the hunting of feathered game.

With the invention of the rifle, Sporting dogs arose from the necessity for canine assistance in retrieving game.


Hound dogs were once grouped with sporting dogs due to their common hunting applications. However, they differ from sporting dogs in a few key ways.

Though all Hounds are known for their keen hunting abilities, this group includes a wide range of breeds. While classifying such a broad group of dogs is difficult, these fascinating, friendly dogs make devoted family pets.

Toy Dogs

The Toy breed has been developed over centuries as companions for their owners. These portable canines are most commonly found in their owners’ laps. Many of these breeds have been bred down from larger dogs, making them ideal for anybody with limited living space.

They are bright, inquisitive, and full of enthusiasm. Plus, they have strong guarding instincts and large personalities despite their small size.

Working Dogs

Working dogs are defined by their traditional responsibilities, including guarding, rescue, and security roles. Working dogs are the blue-collar workers of the canine community.

Historically, they do everything from hauling sleds and carts to protecting flocks and homes. You can unlock your Working dog’s natural instincts with a great dog trainer program.


The Terrier breed originated in Britain. This breed is developed to hunt small animals and defend their owners’ property. They were also used for duties such as hunting badgers and rodents.

These dogs are courageous and self-assured –  they are willing to do whatever it takes to find their quarry, regardless of the terrain.

Herding Dogs

Herding dogs traditionally herded livestock under the direction of shepherds. These canines are extremely easy to train due to their intelligence and natural reactivity.

Though all of these dogs have the inherent ability to follow commands, those kept as pets are also caring and devoted friends.

Types of Dog Breeds Explained

So, that’s the 101 on the most common types of dog breeds that exist today.

Of course, there are hundreds of individual dog types within each class. Choosing the right four-legged friend to join your family is a complex yet exciting process, and we hope our guide points you in the right direction.

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