What Should You Look For When Buying Carpet Underlay?

A Carpet underlay is not just important for providing comfort underfoot, but it also significantly protects your carpet against moisture as well enhances its longevity. Being a great shock absorber, it is great to reduce noise coming from voices, footsteps, or moving furniture.

In general, a carpet without a good underlay is more likely to wear and tear and has a much shorter lifespan. If you are planning to lay your carpet over concrete floors, then underlay could be the best option to consider as it will make walking across the room much more convenient and comfortable.

In addition to being comfortable, carpet underlay offers other benefits, too. A good quality underlay helps save you monthly energy bills as well as reduces noise transfer. Also, it protects the carpet pile, which in turn, makes it easier to clean and keeps your house more hygienic.

If luxury feel, longevity, and improved lifespan are your major concerns, always ensure that your carpet is fitted with a good quality underlay underneath. Carpet underlay comes in a lot of types such as:

  • Foam Underlay

PU foam underlay is considered the most versatile and durable type of underlay available in the market. In addition to being good for noise reduction and insulation, this underlay is also lightweight and extremely soft underfoot.

  • Sponge Rubber Underlay

Sponge rubber underlay is great for concrete floors because of its durability and sound reduction features. Also, it is considered the best carpet underlay for underfloor heating.

  • Felt Underlay

If you are looking for extra cushioning, felt carpet underlay is what you should go for! It offers great warmth and sound reduction features. Typically made of wool, felt underlay is cheaper and easier to lay.

  • Crumb Rubber Underlay

Crumb rubber underlay is ideal for spaces with heavy furnishings because of its strong resistance to indentations.

Choosing The Right Carpet Underlay

If you’re purchasing a new carpet for your home, don’t forget to buy a new underlay as the old one is not able to protect the pile surface as well as cushion the everyday footfall. Choosing the right carpet underlay depends on the following factors:

  • Consider The Type Of Carpet

One of the major factors to consider while purchasing a carpet underlay is the type of carpet. If a carpet is thinner, you should consider a thicker carpet underlay to maintain the balance.

Felt carpet underlays are ideal to place beneath wool carpets as they offer great comfort levels.

  • Consider The Type Of Floor

Are you going to place your carpet in a room with underfloor heating or on top of a concrete floor? This is the main thing to consider when buying a carpet underlay. Always consider the one that offers great soundproofing, insulation, and shock absorbency.

Sponge rubber underlay is ideal to place on concrete floors as it offers plenty of insulation.

  • Consider The Room Where You Are Going To Place Your Carpet

Always consider the place where you’re going to lay your carpet. If it’s for staircases, you should consider the PU foam underlay as it can fit easily. If it’s for a bedroom, consider a carpet underlay with excellent insulation features.

The type of carpet underlay you choose is equally important as your carpet. The only way to benefit your home as well as your carpet, in the long run, is to consider the right carpet underlay!