What to Know About Cannabis Plant Growth

According to experts, there are over 700 distinct strains of cannabis. The cannabis plant growth cycle consists of several stages, all of which are important to understand in order to properly grow the plant to full maturity.

Cannabis plants have a relatively short life cycle, especially when compared to other plant species. They typically grow from seedlings to maturity in just a few months (usually between 4-8 months). However, each stage of the growth cycle is important for the plant’s development.

Here are the stages of cannabis plant growth and life cycle.

1. Germinating the Seedlings

The first stage of the cannabis plant growth cycle is known as germination. This is when the plant’s seeds are first soaked in water and then allowed to grow in a warm, dark place.

You must wait for the seeds to be mature enough. The best way to tell is if they appear to be shiny and light to dark brown. When you go to touch them, they will be hard as well as dry.

2. The Seedling Stage

Once the seedlings have germinated, they will enter the seedling stage. This is when the young plants will develop their first set of leaves. This is the most fragile stage and the cannabis plant must receive sunlight for the first 24 hours.

You’ll want to keep them in moist soil and keep a mild humidity. Overwatering during this stage can kill the plant or stunt its growth.

3. The Vegetative Stage

The next stage of the plant’s life cycle is known as the vegetative stage. This is when the plant will start to grow taller and produce more leaves. The plant will also develop a root system during this stage.

This is the stage that you will start topping and training the plant. Spacing between nodes will display the type of cannabis plant it is!

4. The Pre-Flowering Stage

After the plant has grown a bit more in the vegetative stage, it will enter the pre-flowering stage. This is when the sex of the plant can be determined. This is typically between the first and second week.

The female plants will start to produce pistils (the part of the plant that contains the reproductive organs). The male plants will start to produce pollen sacs.

5. The Flowering Stage

The flowering stage is when the plant will start to produce buds. The buds will grow and mature until they are ready to harvest.

When the colors of the pistils turn from white to red or orange, you’ll know that it’s time to harvest your plan. The trichome will go from transparent to white and finally into an amber color.

When you see amber, it’s an indicator that the plant has a high CBD to THC ratio. The Trichomonas produce Flavonoirs, THC, a terpene profile, and many other cannabinoids.

6. Harvesting Stage

The final stage of the cannabis plant’s life cycle is known as the harvesting stage. This is when you will cut down the plant and dry the buds.

You’ll want to cut down the plant when the trichomes are at their peak. Once you’ve harvested your plant, you’ll need to dry and cure the buds

Cannabis Plant Growth

These are the 6 stages of cannabis plant growth. A better understanding of the life cycle can help you produce better and healthier plants if you choose to grow marijuana. Make sure to dive deeper into each stage before growing cannabis.

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