What To Know Before Opting For A Link Shortener For Better Conversions?

There is hardly any business representative who uses social media marketing tools but isn’t bothered about the conversion rate. In case you can relate to this scenario and want to keep getting positive results in the coming months, then start using an advanced tool like custom URL shortener to make your job as comfortable as possible. Before you do it, pay attention to the points mentioned here-

Features of Tool

The most important thing about a URL shortener is that it should be equipped with all the latest features that can help you in the social media marketing. Unless the one you opt for has all the latest features, you may not be able to get positive results. So, check out all the features one by one and make a final call only when you’re fully satisfied. From link shortening to multiple link editing, link analytics, single dashboard for all the data and quick analysis of user engagement are some of the essential features that all good link shorteners have. While selecting one for your business, you can check whether it has all these features or not. If it has, then test the efficacy of these features, and if not then move on to other tools which have all these features together.

Ease of Use

Features alone won’t do any good unless you’re able to use the tool efficiently. So, once you’re done with primary feature-check, check out how easily are you able to use that tool. If you find it easy to understand all the features, then only go ahead and make a call. Otherwise, you can simply take a look at other tools and see if there is any better option available in the market or not.

Apart from these two points, make sure you also take inputs from your friends or colleagues who have bought a similar tool in the past. They’ll guide you through the process and help you achieve excellent results in trouble free manner. So, keep these points in mind before opting for a link shortener for the very first time.