White Crater: The Magical Splendor and Hypnotizing Ambient of Crater in Ciwidey

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Kawah Putih is located close to the charming Market city of Ciwidey, roughly 50 km south of Bandung. The crater’s lake is one of two craters on Mount Patuha, with the other one dry Kawah Patuha. The Patuha Crater situated 600 meters to its northwest, being the other. Stepping into Kawah Putih is like entering another realm. As the name implies the crater lake and its surroundings are dominated by pale white color which radiates a somewhat hypnotizing atmosphere. The vast, dormant volcanic crater is full of surreal turquoise colored water.

The cliffs surrounding the crater reach around 2,500 meters above sea level and also make for a stunning backdrop when the clouds begin to roll in. The height here has low temperature, and it adds to the magical splendor of Kawah Putih. During World War II, the plant was taken over by the Japanese military and was worked under the name of Kawah Putih Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey. Today the plant no longer exists entry points to its tunnels, remnants of those mining tasks can still be seen in some spots around the present site.

First opened for visitors in 1987, now Kawah Putih is a favored place to go for tourists and day trippers who’re stunned by its mesmerizing ambiance. On weekends and on vacations, a vast number of visitors frequently visit the region only to dip themselves in the mystic beauty of character.

Kawah Putih is located about 44 km south of the middle of Bandung City. Based on the visitors in and about Bandung, the trip is going to take a bit over 2 hours. The main road is a busy road south of Bandung. Throughout the city of Soreang, capital of the Bandung Regency, continuing down to the town of Ciwidey.

The turn-about from the main Kawah Putih Road is difficult to miss: there’s a signboard on the left of the main road and a notable entry gate. Should you want to use public transport, you have first to find your way to the Leuwipanjang bus station and after that take the bus in the direction of Ciwidey. From Ciwidey, you may take the angkot minibus to the entry of Kawah Putih. Once in the Kawah Putih entry, it’s a long trek uphill to the crater, but you will not see much trying to walk this. Usually, the visitors leave their vehicles at the main carpark in the entry gate to the site and catch one of the regular shuttle buses to the 5 km up into the crater.