Why a hog roast is an affordable and delicious idea for any occasion

Popular in the UK at the moment, hog roasts provide flexibility for any event. If you want a large gathering of people then most are catered for by one full hog. A single hog can cater for up to 100 people and can be served with a variety of sides, salads and sauces. With a hog roast there is the option of hiring a professional catering company to provide everything including the cutlery, sides and sauces. There is also the option of hiring the hog roast equipment and doing it yourself, you just need to have a recipe to hand and be patient when it comes to the long process of cooking. Here are some scenarios which are perfect for a hog roast.

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When throwing a birthday party, there’ll be a treat for the birthday boy or birthday girl when they get to their party. Hog roasts are a great idea if you’re not sure on exact numbers for a birthday party because a whole hog will cater for up to 100 people. As birthday parties are often a ‘turn up’ event then you’ll find family members might not commit to coming until nearer the time. If the birthday party is at your own home then you may consider hiring the equipment and cooking the hog overnight in your garage, add some marinade to create some delicious flavours ready for the big day. Alternatively if you’re hiring a venue then it might be best to hire a hog roast catering company that the venue are familiar with. Whilst this option is a little pricer than doing it yourself, you will be better off with fully insured caterers preparing, cooking and serving the food.

  • Weddings

Hog roasts at weddings are becoming increasingly popular, as a wedding often brings around 100 guests then there’s plenty for everyone with a whole hog. Hog roast wedding menus differ slightly as they usually come with a wider variety of sides such as bread rolls and new potatoes. Wedding packages can often include additional meats such as lamb roasted with garlic.

  • Corporate events

It’s not just family gatherings that benefit from a hog roast but also commercial events. Whether it be a business meeting, presentation or conference, a fully catered hog roast is a perfect solution. Hog roasts don’t require everyone to be seated, meaning guests can move around munching their food. As with the birthday party, if it’s an open door event then counting on a fixed number of guests to come can be difficult. With a hog roast you can feed more than 100 people.