Why I Love Road tripping in the USA

When I was younger my family would take us for a road trip each summer and I can remember these trips being some of my fondest memories of my childhood. As I grew up and hit college I can remember that my roommate Dean Kirkland WA resident like myself would often take these crazy road trips on whim and end up having some amazing adventures.

I think that the reason why I love road trips so much so particularly because of the country that we are in and in my view, the United States is the best country to go on a road trip, and here is why.

Huge Roads

Unlike with many countries around the world, the road network in the United States is absolutely huge and what I love particularly is that if you want to bypass a city, you don’t need to drive in one side and out the other. Another benefit of having such large roads here is that there is very rarely traffic which means that you can get on with enjoying your road trip. The roads in the United States almost promise a sense of freedom and adventure and I absolutely love it.


Our country offers so much variety for you to discover and as you move from state to state you are sure to catch a glimpse of something completely different. For example a few years ago I drove from Texas across to Florid and the change between these states is incredible. One minute you are in the swamps of Louisiana trying out some soul food in New Orleans, and the next you are in the luxurious city of Miami chatting with some Cubans on a white sandy beach. May of us Americans are guilty of not seeing enough of our country and one of the best ways to do it is with a road trip.

Hotel Motel

Every time that I have ever taken a road trip, I have never planned ahead and booked a hotel because I know that throughout the country, there are literally thousands of hotels and motels which always have rooms available. Don’t take this for granted, it is not like this in other countries around the world and if you ant to go for a one week road trip, you have the ultimate freedom to do so, without worrying where you will stay.

Everyone Does It

Because road tripping here in the states is so awesome, everyone does it and I can guarantee you that on a trip through the country, you will bump into countless people who are road tripping from one place to another. A benefit which you also get when you hit the road in the US is that the infrastructure is perfect in terms of regular gas stations, places to stop and places to fuel up on supplies. Even in the most remote locations of our country, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a 7/11 where you can stop for a bathroom and coffee break.