Wiccan book – What is a wiccan book and what are its uses?

Wiccan books are the most famous magic books that have ever existed. They originated from pagan culture that was built on magic spells and rituals.  The Wiccan religion is related with Neo Pagan religions and was developed among secret covens in England. The Wiccan was also influenced by the late Victorian era occultism.Wiccan religion is based on the principles of good magic and on the believe that what you give you will receive – that means, if you give good actions, you would receive good results; although it belongs to the white magic, there was a big persecution of the wiccans in the XVI and XVII centuries, due to the belief that they were connected with Satan and were making human sacrifices. A witch hunt took place across Europe and the American colonies, during which many people were killed and executed.

Nowadays, Wiccan religion could be practiced freely among the people and many editors publish their own varieties of Wiccan books, but thevery first edition was written in the mid 1940 – early 1950. In 1953, Doreen Valiente rewrote the Book of Shadows cutting some sections and introducing several poems and some tips for doing a genuine witchcraft. She also included material from some modern sources and sections written in antique style.

Today, the two existing Wiccan books are, basically, the major books of magic rituals and practices: the first contains rituals and practices unchanged from the old edition and the second book is intended for personal use and might differ depending on a person who is using it, but usually contains information about astrology, herbal core and information regarding divination.

Today there are also spell casters who still work with the Wiccan books, a good example can be found at Partnerrückführung24 a site from a trusted spell caster who currently lives in Europe and is well known for her successful spell casting.

The popular culture contains many references about the Wiccan book, for example many television series and programs all around the world were influenced by this book (Charmed, The Blair Witch Project and The Secret Circle).

As it was already mentioned before, many editors dedicated their works to the Wiccan religion and here are some of these books:

  • Buckland, Raymond Complete Book of Witchcraft is made in a workbook format for the beginners and for more experienced spell casters; includesrituals, tools and magic practices.
  • Cunningham, Scott Wicca – the guide for the Solitary Practitioner – includes a detailed Wiccan history, explains how and when was first used. The author also writes about ethics and the concept of God and goddess.
  • Russel, Jeffrey A history of witchcraft- the author makes a detail analysis of witchcraft in a historical context. Explains the three different types of witchcraft: sorcery, diabolical and modern witchcraft.
  • The Book of Shadows – a religious book that contains many texts and is used for performing  magical rituals within the Wicca religion. The first edition was mostly destroyed, but the reference of it still appears in the popular culture, giving life to many television series and movies.
  • Sabin, TheaWicca for Beginners – contains fundamental principles of Wiccan religions and explains the Wiccan philosophy
  • Singer Martina and MacGregory T.J. The only Wiccan spell book you will ever need: for love, happiness and prosperity – I think, this book doesn’t need any explanation as the title says everything about it – the authors wrote it for different audience – from normal people to experienced Wiccan practitioners.

The Wiccan books could be used by many professional and amateur spell casters. Of course, there are much more religious books related with the Wiccan religion, but the choice is always yours. The Wiccan book may be used not only as a tool for performing magic spells, butalso as a historical book: it contains a lot of interesting information that could be used for increasing your knowledge about Wiccan practice.