Wooden Bowtie – A New Trendsetter by Terezavarga:

Sustainability, individuality and creativity, these are the maxims which are at the top of wooden bowties. Special emphasis is placed on the selection and processing of the wood. With the stylish and unique wooden fly, every gentleman sting out of the crowd. No matter what occasion. Whether casual or chic, the wooden bow will always be a real eye-catcher. The designs are based on current trends. Each piece is unique because of the wood grain and the craftsmanship.

Ties were yesterday: with the flies, cufflinks and wallets from wooden man are guaranteed to be a trendsetter. The products are made of high-quality wood by hand and convince by design and quality.

Wood finds more and more lovers in the fashion world. Just like the sunglasses. Accessories are also made of the versatile material. The wooden wings, cufflinks, and wallets made of wood create unique and extraordinary creations for all men with style. They are ideal companions for weddings, celebrations and special occasions.

Quality, tradition, and craftsmanship

We have always a requirement of the high-quality wood. Thus, only noble and high-quality woods such as walnut, beech, and Ash or apple tree are used. The environmentally friendly company almost exclusively uses surplus material from local carpenters, as sustainability plays an important role in the selection and processing of wood.

All production steps are controlled individually. Craftsmanship and a trained eye are the prerequisites for the production process since all the wooden accessories are carefully crafted. That is why every product is guaranteed a lifetime. Wooden bowties are their one of the unique product made out from fine quality of wood. To view and buy their products, visit their official website.

Noble wood bow ties and cufflinks

Each of Terezavarga’s noble wooden bowties is unique and tells its own story. They are available in different sizes and shapes and also the colors vary. So there are both simple and one-color models as well as flies with elaborately carved patterns. And despite the rigid material, they are comfortable to wear.

The fly is perfectly complemented by elegant cufflinks which are also available in different shapes, colors, and patterns. The wooden buttons are made of genuine sterling silver, making them particularly durable and stable – a high-quality product suitable for a high-quality suit.

About Tereza Varga:

Apart from the wooden bowtie, Terezavarga has a wide collection of Glass bowties, Home décor items, Glass pendants. Founder of the Terezavarga is Tereza and she has just 3 years of experience in these unique items but today her all the items are booming in the market, her all items are handmade and she started making this from Ukraine. Initially, local people had given lots of appreciation to her unique concept. Today they have taken their all her items to the next level, now they are developing their brand into the Europe market. In order to view various unique collection made out from wooden, glass and flower, visit their official website which is