Your Guide for What to Wear to Disney World

More than 20 million people make the pilgrimage to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida every year. It’s the most visited theme park in the US.

But for most Americans and international tourists, Florida poses a unique problem. The climate is weird and unpredictable.

Everyone visiting Florida, especially during the winter, thinks it’s going to be hot and sunny. But the central Florida climate is known for experiencing some curveballs throughout the year.

Are you wondering what to wear to Disney World to stay safe from the elements and stay comfortable all day long as you wait in lines outside? Trust us, it pays to be prepared, or it can ruin your expensive vacation.

Keep reading to learn what to pack to Disney World to make the most of your Disney vacation.

Orlando Weather

What you wear will depend on the season. Most of the year—spring, summer, and fall—it’s going to be very hot. During the summer, Florida gets most of its rainfall.

But during the winter, temperatures are much milder, and rain is rare. And yes, temperatures can drop below 60 degrees in the winter, even though the average is above 70.

Most people like to get to Disney theme parks early in the morning so they can beat the lines to the first few rides. And most people will stay until after the fireworks show, which starts at 8 PM.

That means you’ll be out there at the coldest times of the day. But early afternoon temperatures, paired with the Florida sun, can soar. 

What to Wear to Disney World

Most of the year, it’s perfectly fine to show up to Disney World in shorts. During the warmer months, it will never be cool enough to warrant pants, especially when dealing with crowds of people.

Wear a comfortable short sleeve shirt, preferably one that is moisture-wicking and breathable, to help you stay cool. A hat is ideal for any season, as you might be in the sun for hours.

Most importantly, wear very comfortable walking shoes. You will be on your feet almost the entire day. When waiting in line, there will be no sitting available. 

In the winter, it depends on the day. Some days will be 80 degrees, while others will be 60. Be prepared by having pants and shorts. Pack a sweater for each person in your family.

If you’re bringing younger children, pack pants and beanies, as temperatures can drop rapidly at night when waiting for the fireworks. And buy a few cheap ponchos before arriving at the theme park. 

Disney Vacation Planning

Disney World theme parks are more fun when you get to visit them on a regular basis. Going every year will ensure you’re better prepared each time you go.

That’s why thousands of Disney fans join the DVC program using DVC financing. While on the timeshare program, you’ll get to visit your preferred Disney resort every single year. 

Each trip will be better than the last as you gain experience in trip planning, packing, and focusing on your favorite rides. 

Start Packing

Now that you know what to wear to Disney World, it’s time to start packing. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of snacks for the kiddos. Bonus points if you bring a cooler backpack to keep water and food items cold.

Are you looking for more tips to help you make the most of your vacation? Check out the rest of our blog now to continue reading.