10 Kid Friendly Fundraising Ideas The Whole Family Can Enjoy

When people think of nonprofits as businesses, they assume the organization spends most of its time worrying about management issues, like Blackbaud integration, rather than giving back to the community. A nonprofit must indeed focus on management to ensure the organization’s success. Still, most of its energy is spent on finding new and creative ways to make money for its cause. A nonprofit can curb a community’s view of the organization by inviting it to get involved through the top ten family fundraising events.

1. Bake Sale

A bake sale is a tried-and-true fundraising event. It involves the participation of the community by asking families to make baked goods to offer as donations for the event. The organization then sells the baked goods, retaining the profits for the charity. Using nonprofit data integration software, the nonprofit can keep track of all those who participated.

2. Dodgeball Tournament

For a dodgeball tournament to work, you have teams pay a registration fee to enter the contest; you also charge a small fee for people to purchase tickets to see the event. During the event, you can also sell concessions. All profits can go to the charity. Be sure to use salesforce for donor management.

3. Talent Show

A talent show raises money from registration fees, event tickets, and concession sales, as with the dodgeball tournament. Even if you allow a percentage of sales to fund a small prize for the winner, the organization can still make money at a family-friendly event.

4. 5K Race

Charitable races are nothing new. Each participant might need to pay an entrance fee and find a sponsor for the race. Depending on how you decide to organize the race, sponsors could be community members. Races collect signatures and promises from other community members who promise a certain amount of money if the runner finishes the race or the number of miles they complete.

5. Art Auction

Get the children involved with an art auction. Ask talented kiddos to donate pictures, sculptures, ceramic projects, etc., to a community art auction. Then, hold an event where families can bid on their favorite pieces.

6. Help-O-Ween

As parents take their children door to door on Halloween, have the kids ask for small donations to the nonprofits. This event allows kids to take ownership of the nonprofit while relaying their understanding of the charity.

7. Shoe Drive

A shoe drive is an excellent fundraising idea for kids. All you need to do to begin the event is contact a local organization to supply the collection materials. When the event is over, the collection bins are collected and weighed. The nonprofit is given a check depending on the weight of the bins.

8. Trivia Night

Trivia night is another competitive fundraiser. Have families pay entry fees and offer a small prize for the winner. Have family-friendly questions for the event.

9. Rubber Duck Race

A fun and safe racing activity, rubber duck races are great fundraisers. Again, the nonprofit earns with registration fees.

10. Used Book Sale

Children continuously outgrow things, clothes, shoes, and books. Have kids donate their used books and hold a used book sale, proceeds to go to the organization.

Need more fundraising ideas? Contact a specialist in nonprofit management.