12 Ways To Make Packing For A House Move Easier

Nobody likes packing for a house move, but with these 12 tips, it could be that bit easier.

If you are going to be moving house soon, you have a lot of packing to do. It can be a really stressful aspect of the process, especially if you’re not that into tidying or organising.

We can’t take the need for packing away, but we do have 12 ways to make packing for a house move easier:

  1. Get Somebody Professional To Do It

Could you get somebody else to pack your things for you? Self storage in London, or local to you, often has a service available at a cost. It could be worth enquiring about if you hate packing and you’re short on time.

  1. Get Somebody You Know To Do It

If you know somebody who owes you a favour, or you know someone out of work who would happily accept a paid job from you, maybe get them to pack for you?

  1. Do It With Others

If you are packing yourself, then why not do it with friends or family? It can be a lot more fun than doing it alone.

  1. Use The Right Gear

Use the right boxes, tape and equipment to make your life easier. Boxes that fall through are only going to break your stuff and take up more time in the long run.

  1. Start Early

Starting earlier means you have more time to pack at your leisure, which is easier than frenzied last minute packing.

  1. Use A Middle Man

Cheap self storage from https://storing.com/could be a good choice if you need to clear your home before moving into your new one. It helps the logistics of the overall process.

  1. Put Some Music On

Music can help pass the time when you pack. Maybe pack for the time it takes to listen to a new album?

  1. Put A Podcast On

Podcasts can help you learn whilst you pack. Your focus on the podcast will help packing feel less like a chore.

  1. Set Goals

Rather than thinking you have to pack the whole house in one go, set yourself goals. Packing one drawer, one room, one self – it all adds up.

  1. Label

If you don’t label you could end up having to unpack everything to find something you need, causing your more work in the long run. Labelling avoids the need to do that.

  1. Don’t ‘Finalise’ Boxes Until You Have To

Because you might have to go back into boxes to get things out, it makes sense not to tape them up until you have to. Boxes destined for cheap self storage can be taped up and taken, but those coming with you to your new home should be left open until the last minute.

  1. Keep The Kids Out Of The Way

Having children, or partners around when you pack can be a nightmare. For every item you put away, they might want to get it out and use it because they haven’t seen it in a while. Even cats can make packing difficult if they decide the box is a place for play. Keep any member of the household out of the way when you pack if they are liable to disturb the process.

The 12 tips above might make your packing process easier. With the right consideration, you can pack with ease, ready for this amazing house move into a new chapter of your life.