3 disadvantages of having an office in the city

Having an office in the center of the big cities has some advantages. Themain one is thatyou are near the competition and you can almost feel the tension of the competitive environment which can lead to productivity, but we cannot forget that are larger disadvantages when you have an office in the city. So we invite you to continue reading this incredible blog that we have prepared especially for you, in this way you will be aware of what is happening in the business world and the changes that you need to consider to avoid making a mistake by staying in the city.

These are the 3 main disadvantages of having an office in the city:

  1. The options of renting an office that meets all the requirements you need are very scarce. Normally an office in the city will have very little space to offer to people and this means that you will be crammed in a small place with a little bit of ventilation and natural light. The rest of the place becomes a bit dark due to the endless file cabinets full of papers.

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  1. The noise of the vehicles, the sounds of people entering and leaving the other offices that often share the same floor. Smoke, poor ventilation of the place, the prices of rent being exorbitant, the lack of parking exclusivity, the overcrowding at the entrance of the building, the poor distribution of space within the offices in the cities and many other issues leave much to be desired. Worst of all, customers don’t feel comfortable when they enter an office that feels so enclosed and claustrophobic.  
  2. There is no space for recreation, nor is there a decent place where employees can take their lunch in a calm environment. You can’t leave the office to take a breath of fresh air as this is virtually impossible in the city.

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