6 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Event Planning  

Planning an outdoor event of any type comes with considerations you simply wouldn’t have if you were to hold your event indoors. A big mistake many people make is to treat their outdoor events as they would an indoor one. Here’s a few things to consider when planning your outdoor event, and choosing party rentals Connecticut eventgoers will enjoy.

  1. Is the Venue Right for Your Outdoor Event?

You’ll have to pay close attention to the venue you plan to use for your outdoor event. Not all outdoor spaces are good for all outdoor events.

For example, if you plan to have stages or multiple sources of sound at your venue, the space needs to be large enough to accommodate the different sounds without bleeding into each other too heavily. And outdoor or not, the space can only ever hold so many people, so take that into account as well.

  1. Have You Checked Multiple Weather Sources?

Obviously, the weather will play a gigantic role in your outdoor event. Even if you use covered patios or trailers, bad weather can ruin the mood of your event. Make sure to check multiple sources for weather, and keep checking them all the way up to the date of the event.

If you’re in an area prone to sudden but quick downpours, or light showers, then consider renting furniture that includes awnings or other light coverings. You may already have considered such things to provide shade. They can work double duty if that’s the case.

  1. Have a Plan in Place for Litter and Recyclables

Outdoor events give people more opportunity to simply toss refuse on the ground. Make sure you have enough trash bins and recycling containers located anywhere more than a handful of people might congregate during the event. The easier you make it for people to discard stuff, the more likely they are to do it responsibly.

  1. Make Sure You’re Allowed to Do What You’re Doing

Outdoor events often require permits for various things. It will depend on your venue, but it’s especially important to consider what you’re allowed and not allowed to do when using public land. For private property, the landowner may also have some requirements and stipulations for using their land. Always make sure you’re following proper procedures for your outdoor event.

  1. Have an Appropriate Outdoor Theme

When choosing party rentals Connecticut event planners should always consider the theme. When you have an outdoor event, you’ll want to use items, colors, and décor that fits outside.

Choose seating and equipment that takes advantage of the fact people are outside. Even if you use tents, you’ll want to distinguish your event from one that can just as easily take place indoors.

  1. Take Advantage of Outdoor Setups and Accessories

If you’re going to be outside, then you should take advantage of specific outdoor setups. For example, if you will have children at your event, you can rent an outdoor inflatable for them.

You can consider things that enhance the theme of your event, or create memories with a photo booth. Maybe most importantly for some, you should certainly make sure to rent an adequate number of portable restrooms for your guests.