7 Awesome Ways To Look Good For Less

Looking great doesn’t have to cost you.

Looking good isn’t the be all and end all in life. However, it can make a difference to many things, from self esteem, to having the confidence to apply for that dream job or speak to someone you like. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spare but you still want to look good then there are many ways to do it for much less without having to borrow money on bad credit loans or doorstep loans.

  1. Shop vintage

Second hand shops are a treasure trove for those who love clothes, shoes and accessories that are well made and look great. Yes, you might have to spend some time searching for those bargains, as not every item in a second hand shop is going to be a designer find. However, it’s often worth it as you can pick up some beautiful pieces for a fraction of what they would have cost new.

  1. Get good at DIY

Beauty DIY, that is. You don’t have to invest in high priced beauty products to look good. There are some great beauty fixes in the average kitchen. Create your own DIY body scrub with a combination of olive oil and brown sugar or warm up soybean oil with a few drops of essential oil for an instant and effective hot oil hair treatment. Mashed up avocado, yogurt and honey also makes a fantastic facemask.

  1. Trim your own hair

If you’re looking for a haircut – especially a very styled finish – then you might need to go to a hairdresser. However, if it’s just a case of straightening a fringe or chopping off split ends this can easily be done at home to make your locks look better. If you’re unsure then watch a “how to” video online first.

  1. Rent for special occasions

Some occasions call for that show stopping dress or perfectly cut suit. If you want to access the best designer threads without actually paying for them then you can now rent them online. Most clothes rentals businesses ship out within a day and you simply return the item after it’s been worn for the company to dry clean.

  1. Get more sleep

Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just leave you cranky it can also have a big impact on your skin too. Dehydration, redness, puffiness and inflammation can all appear if you’re not getting enough shut eye every night. So, if you want an instant fix that costs absolutely nothing, start getting to bed earlier and giving your body the chance to rest and renew.

  1. Work out in the park

Expensive gym memberships are not the only option for keeping you fit – there’s the great outdoors too. If you want access to basic machines then check out your local park and see if you have an outdoor gym in your area – they’re free to use. If you don’t then be creative about fitness options, from jogging, through to press ups on the park bench.

  1. Eat seasonally

You are what you eat so if you want to look good then you need to eat well and consume what’s nutritious. Eating seasonally can bring the costs of your weekly spend way down, particularly when it comes to meat, fruit and vegetables. Buy from local producers and you’ll be getting the tastiest, freshest ingredients and reducing your impact on the environment too.