A Beginner’s Guide to Murder Mystery Party at Home


It is important to remember that murder mystery parties can go in numerous directions. Everything depends on numerous factors, including the complexity of the story, theme, number of guests, and many more. Therefore, we have created instructions and the ultimate beginner’s guide to help you out with the process.

If you wish to make a murder mystery party at home, we recommend you to stay with us to learn more about it.

Generally, you should pick up a theme, create brainstorming ideas, find props, and people you wish to play with.

Let us start from the beginning.

1.Choose a Theme

The first step you should make when picking a theme is to determine several people, their interests, hobbies, and other facts to help create a unique and appealing story.

It would be best if you did it by asking everyone to participate and list every single idea. Another way is to create a questionnaire about TV shows and movies, books, sports, and other interests. As soon as you make a list, you will be able to identify commonalities.

Besides, you should avoid using ideas that require more characters. While choosing an idea, you should narrow your search based on your interests as well.

2.Writing Process

You can find numerous murder mystery stories online, which will help you create a script without any additional hassle. It is an excellent solution if you do not have enough time to prepare your own.

However, if you are creative and wish to save money, we recommend writing everything from scratch. We can differentiate two types of stories:

  • Scripted – When it comes to a scripted murder mystery party, you should prepare every line each person should read or memorize beforehand. At the same time, you should prepare actions and dialogue for everyone. If you wish to create a fast-paced game and ensure that everyone stays in element, you should write an entire script.
  • Free Play – If you wish to avoid the script, we recommend choosing the free play option. Of course, you should create an outline that will help others act and speak based on various situations. However, improvisation is essential in this form. Therefore, you can create a game to provide you, guests, creative element, and freedom to play their characters and solve the mystery.

You should click here to learn more about this topic.

Whatever you decide, you should still create relevant perfect gameplay and plan the entire story. Both options come with specific benefits, which means you should choose the type based on the people you play with.

You should know that a story can be either simple or detailed based on your preferences. However, it does not matter how many different elements you wish to include because they should point towards a solution and be connected throughout it.

While writing character descriptions, you should implement false accusations and red herrings. However, it is vital to implement additional evidence to help you reach a conclusion or solution.

Remember that guests can quickly become discouraged or confused, especially if you do not implement helpful information that will help them solve a particular case. Therefore, you should think about two aspects to increase overall enjoyment: brevity and simplicity.

Of course, the more parties you host, the more complicated you can make them since you will have the experience to help you out with the writing process.

You should include a few essential aspects of the story, such as:

  • Introduction – We are talking about things you will read guests before they start introducing themselves. Insert basic information and context of murder, as well as relevant information about each character.
  • Description Cards about Characters – Create a description card for each character by implementing their short bio, characteristics, occupations, murder clues, and connections with other guests. Remember that hints and links will help them understand how to start with the game.
  • Description Cards with Evidence – You should create different pieces of evidence combined with props that will help characters solve a mystery with ease. However, you should know that murder mysteries come with three pieces of evidence and five characters, while others do not come with pieces of evidence, which means you will rely on character insight. Everything depends on the way you wish to play this game.

Tips for Playing

We can differentiate a few tips and rules you should follow when it comes to playing murder mystery game at home, including:

  • Stay in Character – The main idea is to ensure that everyone stays in character. You should always be in nature as a host, which means that you may have an accent, a proper interaction including shoulder parrot, cigar, or want. At the same time, you should refer to others by character names. Besides, other aspects of the game, including costumes, food, and decorations, should help guests enjoy and stay in their roles. You can implement a rule and incentive to help others remain character by creating negative consequences each time they break out from it. We are talking about putting money in a jar or drinking a shot each time they break away.
  • Follow the Script – Since each person should have a proper script you created beforehand; you should offer them confidential information they can share at any time. Therefore, you should ensure that characters do not reveal themselves until the time is right.

Enter this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Host-a-Murder-Mystery-Party to learn more about creating a murder mystery party.

Find Props and Costumes

An essential way to help everyone stay in character is to ensure they bring their own or find the available for each guest. When it comes to provided ones, you should list each character and create a random draw.

Therefore, each one should feature an identification by including clothing accessories, identified items, and other aspects that make them distinguishable and unique. Find items including goodie sacks, cigarettes, and many more options.

On the other hand, you should let everyone decides on a specific prop they wish to get. That will personalize a game and allow them to invest character.

Therefore, when you create an invitation, you should inform them about a character and tell them of costume options and props they should bring.