Different Types of Hot Tub Filters

Soaking in a hot water bathtub after a hectic day at work must be one of the best feelings one can have in life. In case one is looking for buying a new hot tub for their home, they should know the various types of tubs in detail to make the right choice. Also, knowledge about different tub accessories is required. The filter is one of the essential accessories as it provides filtered, clean and warm water as per one’s requirement. Therefore, one must choose top quality filters to have clean water all the times, also in regards to the hygiene and comfort.

There are different types of hot tub filters available in the market from which one can choose the right one based on their preferences. It is important for one to know about the pros and cons of each of these filters to understand which one will serve their needs. Here is a list of different types of hot tub filters to choose from:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth filters

This kind the most popular one and is considered as the best type of filter available in the market. It has some finest pores and mesh of greatest quality which prevents smallest of impurities from hampering the water for a bath. This filter acts almost like a sponge with innumerable spores and therefore, is considered as one of the best filters for the hot tub. Diatomaceous Earth filters also have added features like that of being non-polluting as well as organic.

  1. Sand Filters

Another great filter option is a sand filter, in case one is looking for budget or slightly expensive filter for the hot tub. Such filters have a concept which mixes some specific amount of gravel and sand into a particular mechanism through which the water can get filtered and remove all the toxins and impurities out from the bath water. Nevertheless, the only disadvantage of these sand filters is that these need maintenance regularly and very often. Also, such sand filters have to be frequently changed to prevent any bacterial growth.

  1. Cartridge hot tub filter

Also, one can consider cartridge hot tub filter which can serve the purpose of providing filtered and clean water to some extent. Such tub filters are usually found at professional spas. These filters constitute fine mesh. The size of the tub is the actual factor that has to be determined before buying any filter for a tub.

These three are the most used hot tub filters serving the purpose of pleasing with warm water for a bath. One has to very careful before investing in such filters as changing these filters regularly will incur a considerable sum of money.