Getting Out and About in Wellington New Zealand

Wellington is well-known for its nightlife scene with plenty of bars and clubs to choose from in the city. The city is well-known for its DJs, bars, beers, cocktails, and spirits as well as for its array of eating establishments. Whatever it is you are looking for when it comes to nightlife activities, you can nearly always find a venue that suits your tastes.

Red Square All Night Dancing Venue

Red Square is one of the most well-known clubs in the city. For clubbers and night owls alike looking for all-night dancing and music, this club is perfect. Top DJs frequent its line up on the weekends, and if you are looking to meet up with locals as well as tourists that share electronic music in common, then this is the perfect place for that kind of night out. Check out for more information.

S&Ms Cocktail Bar and Clubbing

Another popular venue in Wellington is S&Ms, which is short for Scotty & Mal’s Cocktail Bar. Now this place may sound like it is only a cocktail bar, but you would be wrong in assuming this. Although S&Ms does have a classy cocktail lounge with some extravagant cocktails mixes to choose from, there is also a nightclub here. Much like Red Square, S&Ms takes pride in its DJ line ups. It is also the perfect place to unwind by downing a few cocktails and then hitting the dance floor to dance the night away.

Dreamgirls Female Entertainment

If you are a man looking for some more exotic entertainment, then Dreamgirls is one of the more extravagant clubs in town. This is one of Wellington’s exclusive gentleman’s bars complete with sexy strippers that are always ready to put on a show for their male clientele. While you are there, you should go upstairs and have a look at the Fantasy Club, which is where every mans dreams will come true – hence the club’s name is Dreamgirls. The club is also open until 6am, so if you fancy going to one of the venues mentioned above and then seeking some additional female fun to top off a great night out, Dreamgirls is the perfect place. See for more information.

Southern Cross Garden Bar Eatery and Drinks

You can also check out the Southern Cross Garden Bar if you are looking for both food and drinks. This place is the perfect venue to eat out late at night or until the early hours of the morning. On the weekends it is open until 3am, so you can finish up at your chosen nightclub, then head out for some food and a couple more drinks. And, if after you have indulged in the Southern Cross Garden Bar food and drinks menu, you can then pop over to Dreamgirls to continue your night of fun.

Enigma Café Late Night Vegan and Meat Dishes

Another great late night to early morning food and drinks establishment worth checking out is the Enigma Café. This is also open until 3am on the weekend giving you another place to tantalise those taste buds after dancing the night way. This place has become popular because the management have created a menu that caters for all tastes. If you have a vegan or vegetarian in your group, the Enigma Café has several choices on its menu, while for all your meat lovers out there, the menu has an excellent selection of burgers as well as other popular meat dishes.

More Nightlife Entertainment in Wellington

We have only really touched the surface of the nightlife in Wellington here. The city is full of vibrant places to hand out including venues that have live bands, comedy as well as plenty of places to catch a late-night movie. For more information on Wellington and things to do, search in Google or Facebook where you will find a something that will cater for you ideal nigh out in the city. You can also check out the for more information on things to do in Wellington city New Zealand.