How a Divorce Lawyer Helps With Spousal Support

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Spousal support also known as permanent alimony is the process of giving one spouse financial assistance. In some cases, you may stop providing financial help to your partner if he/she remarries or cohabitates with another individual. On the contrary, this only happens in rare cases. Most people provide spousal support until the recipient’s death. One of the reasons for spousal support is if the divorce will make the spouse to live in a style that is less than what he or she is accustomed to. However there are some factors to put into consideration when it comes to spousal support. These include

  • How long did the marriage last?
  • Partner’s financial capability to make payment
  • The financial need of one spouse
  • Age
  • Health conditions and much more

In some case, spousal support is determined between the two parties while filing a divorce. On the other hand, spousal support may require the interference of a judge or a third party in order to reach a fair agreement. For the fact that spousal support needs to be given due consideration, it is best to seek the advice of a divorce attorney. This professional can help you get the best agreement possible.

However, there are instances where the spouses come to an agreement on their own. They decide on how much spousal support should be provided. This payment can either be monthly or yearly, depending on the choices of both parties. Even if you don’t see the need to settle the case of spousal support in court, it is ideal to retain the services of a professional divorce lawyer. He will ensure that rights are duly protected and a fair deal is made.

Once the amount of spousal support is determined, the payments will never stop. Depending on the financial condition of the other spouse, these payments will be made for a specific period of time. On the other hand, if there is no specified period of time then the spouse paying the support has to pay until there is a reason to stop.

If you have been married for just a short period of time, then spousal support may not be necessary. This is because the marriage was so short that neither party became accustomed to living in a certain manner. However, if the marriage lasted for more than 24 months, then there is the possibility of paying spousal support.

One of the reasons why spousal support may be unnecessary is when both spouses are fully employed. In this case, it is considered that your spouse is self-sufficient and can meet his or her need without much stress. If your spouse is unemployed or earns little income, then spousal support is necessary. To further equip yourself on the need for spousal support, consult a divorce attorney now.