How to Play online Poker

Poker comes under the family of card games that entails gambling, strategy, and skill. Several people can play poker together depending on the size of the table. There are various types of poker games that vary according to certain aspects such as the betting procedure, the number of cards that are dealt and the online casino site.

Since the 20th century, the popularity of poker has increased tremendously with now internet playing a pivotal role. Many reliable online sites like 918kiss Malaysia and apps are dedicated to including people from around the globe to dabble in poker.

Steps to a Basic Poker Game

  1. The game starts with the dealer. The dealer is someone that deals the card at the beginning of the game as well as at other points of time when the game needs it. Everyone is dealt with two cards. The dealer has to start with the player on her left and end on herself. The player on the dealer’s left is the first one to initiate, and he has two choices to either bet or check (basically doing nothing).
  2. If one of the players wants to bet, then the others have a choice to call, fold or raise. To call means to match the amount the previous player had betted, to fold is to give up your hand and the money you may have already betted and to raise means to raise the stakes.
  3. Now, this goes on until everyone has called or the chips are exhausted. This means the first betting round is complete. The dealer then has to deal three cards face-up on the table, which are called the community cards free for use by anyone in the game. This action is termed as the flop.
  4. Another betting round commences, and everyone again has to either bet, check, raise, or fold. Then after the end of the second round, the dealer put the fourth card on the table for anybody’s and everybody’s use. This is known as the turn.
  5. Another betting round gets completed, and again the dealer has to deal the fifth card for everyone’s use called the river. And then everyone gets to play for a final round.

If two or more players are still left holding cards even after this final round, they have to show what they have got. And the one with the highest-ranked cards wins the whole pot.

A game of luck and confidence, poker can be a fortune at times, especially when you play through a reputable site like 918kiss. But one has to be careful as many have drowned onto poverty. But if you treat it as merely a game, then it can be a good bonding experience between you and your friends.