The ID cards essentials

ID cards are a form of identification many companies around the world use. ID cards consist of a card, typically made of plastic. This is a card that contains important information about the employee that bears it. An ID card will typically be worn hanging on the neck of said employee.

ID cards are used for various reasons. These reasons can include: to identify an employee to those around him or her, to aid emergency services when trying to identify an injured or dead person or to help improve social interactions in the workplace.

We are just exploring the tip of the iceberg in this article. There are many environments where ID cards can be used. This article is intended for people that are just starting to use them or want to know a little bit more about them before using them in their own companies and business.

These workplace tools are not expensive to produce

If you thought that because of the material or maybe the sophistication of some of its varieties, they were expensive, think twice! ID cards can be very cheap if ordered in bulk. Some companies even offer the service of printing them for you!

If you want a set of ID cards for your company, you will always find special sales on the internet. ID cards can be very cheap. But not all ID cards are the same. So be aware that if you ask for a more sophisticated kind of ID card, you will have to pay more.

They are not just to identify your employees

Since they are this sophisticated, the primary role of an ID card can be easily fulfilled during their production. Then we have the other uses that have been incorporated into ID cards over the years. And they are many.

ID cards can have a plethora of uses

There are some kinds of ID cards that are special. Since ID cards are used all around the world, there are specific types of companies, with specific types of needs. Hence, some ID cards are more sophisticated than others. This can make them reach the category of tools, much more than simple ID documents.

ID cards can:

Serve as electronic keys:  Yes, ID cards can be and have been used for a long time now, as electronic keys to open doors in secured places. They simply put a chip and/or a special magnet inside the ID card, and it will open designated doors that have that mechanism.

So you have yourself an ID card, and an electronic key at the same time!

Be used as payment method: An ID card with a magnetic band can be used to pay for services a system known as internal currency, where the person who needs to buy something has his or her ID card loaded with credits that this person bought previously. This eliminates the need to handle petty cash or manipulate money, which can be unsanitary.

ID cards can be fun

ID cards can be easily made into fun items. Your employees can enjoy the fun that customizing their ID cards can bring to their workplace. You can, for example, get them accessories so they can add their flavor to their ID cards. These accessories include Novelty lanyards which can be very fun and unique. Some of them can even look silly. There are many styles to choose from, and depending on which you choose, they will surely be remembered by your employees.

Using ID cards is very widespread all over the world

ID cards can help save lives

These identification documents can help security and health services identify people that are injured or dead. Since they are worn on the neck, the personnel that saves or safeguards lives can easily locate them and use the information, or even the key in them.

Due to their versatility, ID cards are far from being replaced by other methods. They are instead, becoming more sophisticated as time passes. One day we might have ID cards that speak for us! But until that day, let’s hope that they continue to be as cheap as they are today.