Structural Engineering Services in Edmonton

Whether you are working on a residential, commercial or industrial construction project, it is very important to look for highly experienced structural engineers to help you achieve your construction goals. Luckily, there are a number of well-established structural design engineering companies that are known to offer world-class engineering services for different types of clients.

Structural Engineering Services in Edmonton

If you are currently in Edmonton, you will be able to find various companies that are known to offer a range of reliable engineering services for builders, home and business owners, contractors, as well as large multinational companies. Their services are uniquely structured to meet the design, as well as development needs of different clients. Whether you are in need of structural design services, or are looking for the best residential engineer in Edmonton, these companies can help. Their services include:

  1. Residential Structural Design Services

If you are planning a new home construction, an addition or renovation project, you can rely on these companies for top quality residential structural engineering & design services. These experts usually help home builders, homeowners, developers, as well as architects achieve 100 percent compliance and quality in their construction work. A qualified residential engineer in Edmonton can offer dependable consulting, as well as construction review services for projects including:

  1. Home renovations
  2. Wall removal

III. Concrete foundations

  1. New window openings
  2. Grade beam and pile foundations
  3. Thickened slabs

VII. Deck and veranda piles

VIII. Concrete brackets

  1. Screw piles
  2. Window details
  3. Stair details

XII. Lateral bracing

XIII. Lateral bracing for the foundation walls over 9’

XIV. Column footing details

  1. Tall walls

XVI. Steel beam

XVII. Retaining walls

XVIII. Structural slabs

XIX. Brick angle support details

  1. Cultured stone cladding

XXI. Preserved wood foundations

XXII. Insulating concrete forms

XXIII. Pole sheds

  1. Industrial and Commercial Engineering Services

These experts also offer reliable structural engineering services targeting small businesses and even multinational corporations. Since compliance and safety are their main priorities, these professionals are always committed to complying with all the applicable building codes and standards. Furthermore, they provide comprehensive schedules that have outlined their involvement in the project right from the design stage up to construction reviews and compliance.

They always endeavour to deliver the best construction reviews for new, as well as existing construction projects. They can work on a wide range of projects, including:

  1. Multi-family homes
  2. Apartment buildings up to four storeys

III. Steel buildings

  1. Pre-engineered steel buildings
  2. Underground parking
  3. Barns

VII. Warehouses and storage facilities

  1. Professional Consulting

These companies are also staffed with professional consulting engineers who will ensure successful completion of any of your projects. These professionals provide independent expertise at each phase of your construction project. Whether you need help in structural designing, engineering, construction reviews or soil testing, these experts can help. Their solutions are meant to ensure that your project is successfully completed, while minimizing risks, saving you a lot of money and keeping you on schedule.

Every construction project has various technical areas and that is why you need professional assistance if you want to achieve a good quality and structurally sound project. Luckily, the experts at these companies have the expertise and experience in helping you through every stage of the construction project. Whether you are in need of structural design services, or want a reliable residential engineer in Edmonton, these companies can help.