The Misconception and Reality of the Feng Shui

You may have heard a few of these typical beliefs and techniques in Feng Shui, like having a mirror near the dining table, avoiding having the number “4” in the house, or using objects like turtle sculptures to bring in good luck. But are they real to the technique of Feng Shui? Singapore Feng Shui professionals debunk the myths and disclose the realities.

Objects can improve good luck

  • Misconception: Some objects are thought to exhibit positive or adverse Qi. Positioning art things that have an arbitrarily derived “Asian” look and feel can activate the power of Feng Shui.
  • Reality: Things, however, visually pleasing, can refrain from doing much to the general Feng Shui of a home. Its functions are entirely attractive.

The underwater taboo

  • Misconception: Having a thing with water attributes such as a water storage tank, aquarium, or jacuzzi over you signifies suffocation, as well as danger.
  • Reality: Water in Feng Shui can help gather auspicious Qi. If a certain area in a property as having beneficial Qi, water would be well matched for that location of your house. There is no plan on whether the water ought to be above you.

Toughness in numbers

  • Misconception: Numbers can be unfortunate or lucky. An unlucky instance is the number “4,” which in Chinese languages is a homonym of fatality. Other numbers like 1, 6, or even 8, on the other hand, are homonyms of positive words.
  • Reality: Numbers do not have any Feng Shui results. The idea of lucky or unlucky numbers is stemmed from a simple superstitious notion.

The elusive love fields

  • Misconception: Enhancing the Love Edge of a house will boost one’s love life, and enhance the possibility of marrying sooner.
  • Reality: Feng Shui cannot develop love; it can only produce possibilities. There are sorts of Qi that can assist you to become a more likeable, pleasant, as well as appealing person to others.

The mirror of abundance

  • Misconception: Positioning a huge mirror over the dining space table will bring an abundance of food as it is increased by the reflection in the mirror.
  • Reality: A representation in the mirror means nothing, since when the food is ended up in the real world, it additionally, vanishes in the mirrored globe. Mirrors cannot do greater than simply mirror what is present.

The advantageous ‘Feng Shui’ fish

  • Misconception: Keeping fish in a storage tank or fish pond will aid to divert bad luck and raising exotic fish with ‘unique’ markings, as well as colours, will help improve the company and wealth.
  • Reality: A fish is simply a fish. While raising tropical fish is no question a worthy leisure activity, fish do not have any type of result on Feng Shui.