Brand awareness can be defined as the degree to which consumers can recognize or remember a particular brand under varied circumstances. Brand awareness is usually thought of as one of the two dimensions of brand knowledge, namely an associative memory model or a network knowledge model. The associations and memories created when a consumer recalls or associates with a particular brand are termed “memories”. However, it is important to note that brand awareness can also be thought of as an objective value of a brand.

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A brand is defined as a symbol, word, image, or combination of symbols, words, or images used to represent a particular product or service. An individual’s emotional associations with a brand may vary from person to person. However, it has been noted that brand recognition can be measured through various different approaches such as product launch or advertising campaigns. Get help with your brand awareness campaign with a Brand Strategy Agency at a site like

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The goal of a brand is to provide a name or impression of trustworthiness and quality. Thus, branding is a critical element for the success of any business organization. It not only improves a business’s profit margin but also its credibility. Brand recognition may help an organization maintain its position in a niche by providing customers a sense of reliability. The benefits of brand name recognition are well-established. As a result, companies are spending millions annually to promote their brand.