Things You Should Know About Poppers

Poppers are popular all over the world, with high numbers of people choosing to take them casually and other choosing to only use them when having sex. The little bottles can assist people in multiple ways, and have been known to offer multiple amazing advantages. Poppers such as Hardcore Poppers are incredibly popular within the gay community – with users seeking an intense head rush and relaxed muscles!

With this in mind, I think it is incredibly important that information regarding poppers is readily available to users, and today I am here to share just some of the things that I believe everyone should know about poppers! Here goes…

Poppers are made up of chemicals called alkyl nitrates – The word popper “poppers” is a slang terms for alkyl nitrates.

Poppers relax muscles throughout the body – Inhaling poppers makes the muscles in our bodies relax, including the sphincter muscles! When inhaling poppers, when our muscles relay it causes blood vessels to dilate, providing users with not only relaxed muscles but also an increased heart rate and heightened blood flow throughout the body.

Poppers first became popular in the 70s – Poppers first gained their incredibly popularity during the gay disco scene of the 70s when gay men would inhale the poppers to enhance the music and get high! However, poppers have now become so popular that they are even used by straight people whilst having parties and having sex too.

Taking poppers with Viagra can be dangerous – Viagra and poppers are both known to cause a person’s blood pressure to drop therefore the two should never be taken alongside each other. The combination of Viagra and poppers can result in fainting, strokes, heat attacks and in some cases even death.

You should not ingest poppers –  This one is probably obvious but I have to list it just in case – You should never ingest poppers – this can be fatal.

Only 3% of the population use poppers – This is an incredibly low percentage especially when you consider the percentage of people that take other drugs including but not limited to marijuana.

The UK almost banned poppers – Not long ago the UK tried to ban poppers, however this was not successful and people can still legally purchase and use poppers in the UK – So don’t let anyone tell you any different!

These are only some of the facts surrounding poppers too! If you are a poppers user looking for more poppers information, or are considering using poppers but want to learn more first, we highly advise that you contact a leading poppers supplier who will no doubt be delighted assist and guide you thoroughly.